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Millennial GenerationThe New Generation Gap is HERE!peoplegroup

Discover How to work with all the various styles

of each generation.  Especially be prepared

by 2025 when the Millennials will be 3/4ths of the workforce!

Join Me: Sue Porter CPLP,CMEC

Date:  Thursday, September 4th

Time:  11:00pm-11:30pm (PDT)

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                                         And receive the Generations Manual on 4 generations to refer to all year long!



googlemeHow to Keep the Peace – Understanding Personality Styles Can Get You Through the Holidays with JOY!

Don’t let anyone drive you crazy over the holidays!  You can learn to rule your emotions and extend grace to those who may NEVER change. Gain understanding of who, what, why, and how people act and do the things they do! You’ll be surprised how much it will help you deal with all the annoying emotions that stir up!


Join Me: Sue Porter CPLP,CMEC

Date:  Tuesday, December 17th

Time:  12:00pm-1:00pm (MST)  2:00 (EST)

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 And receive the 40 page mini Personality Styles Manual to refer to all year long!


“Pushing Your Prospects’ Buttons: A 5-Step Copywriting Success System!”

Debra James of the Write Direction

On this replay call you will discover how Debra empowers you to write your marketing message in a way that captivates and converts your prospects into loyal customers – even if you have been struggling with how to transform your ideas into words in the past. This way you reach a broader audience, attract more clients, and generate more income so that you can live the lifestyle you’ve dreamed about, which is why you went into business for yourself to begin with – isn’t it?


DATE: Thur. November 21st 

TIME: 12:00-1:00 (MST) 2:00pm (EST)


A recipient of the Rocky Mountain Direct Marketing Association’s (RMDMA) “Creative Person of the Year Award,” Debra Jason started The Write Direction in 1989. Past President of the RMDMA, she is a seasoned copywriter with more than 25 years of experience in the field of direct marketing.

When other writers have researched books on freelance writing and direct mail copy, they often turn to Debra for her input. She has been quoted in:

• The Complete Guide to Writing Web-Based Advertising Copy to Get the Sale by Vickie Taylor

• Second Lives: Becoming a Freelance Writer by Bill Harris

• Modern Media Rick Wilber & Randy Miller

• Business Solutions: Direct Marketing & Customer Management by Douglas Gantenbein

• Copywriting Success by Darren Andrews

Connect with Debra:





Veteran GenerationMillennial Generation



Discover How You Can Join the Mastermind:

“Massive Action for Client Attraction”


DATE: Fri. September 13th

TIME: 12:00-1:00 , (MST) same now as (PST)


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“Tips to Get More Clients Now?

You’ll Learn Great Tips and Ways You Can Set Yourself Up for Success with New Clients! You will learn about the NEW – MASTERMIND Sue is facilitating beginning the third week of September.  It’s time for “MASSIVE ACTION FOR CLIENT ATTRACTION!”

DATE: Fri. September 6th

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What is Branding?  Why is it important?  What is it’s purpose?  And, when should you consider re-branding your business?


Teleclass: Sue will be interviewing Arlene Pedersen of                  The Pedersen Design Group

Have you have ever looked at your marketing materials and felt they just don’t represent your company? Are you ready to take your business to the next level and go after those larger clients? Dynamic branding is critical to create trust, improve company culture, and will allow you to “Cash in On Your Brand” in more ways than you know!


During this teleseminar:

      • Why “BRANDING” is such a hot topic, and why it’s so important for your business!

      • Learn what branding is all about

      • Hear when it’s the right time to brand your company, or go through a re-branding

      • And, if you’re looking for new ways to use your senses to increase your brand awareness, Arlene shares how.  In fact, did you know you can use Feng Shui in the design of your logo?  Find out from Arlene why.

So, if you are feeling your current branding doesn’t fit you anymore, then it may be time to think about how you can, as Arlene says:


“Create a brand you can grow into and not out of!”


WHEN:  Wednesday August 28th


TIME:   12:00pm – 1:00pm (MST)   2:00pm (EST)






“How You Can Live, Work, and Lead People of Every Generation”

 Discover and Be Able to Identify What Makes the Generations Tick

With 5 Generations in the workplace all at one time, all with differing values and ways of doing things, getting along, and working together is important!  This teleseminar will address these issues and more.  You’ll learn to recognize and value their differences while maximizing their generational strengths and mitigating their weaknesses.  In this fun, enlightening teleseminar, you will:

  • STOP being frustrated with people of differing generations!

  • Understand the differences in people from other generations

  • Learn how you can better Communicate, Motivate, Lead, and Work With anyone from any generation

WHEN:  Tues. July 9th

TIME:   12:00pm & 5:00pm (MST) currently the same as PST


Just for joining this teleseminar, for a limited time, receive Sue’s 30 page “Generational Intelligence” report! (worth $45)



Presented by:  Sue Porter CPLP, CMEC  The “Accidental Leader”


Sue Porter,  CPLP, CMEC, The “Accidental Leader”, is a certified Executive Coach, Leadership Business Coach, and Trainer.  Her passion is to assist people in understanding how to best utilize their unique personalities, generation, skills, talents, expertise, and experiences, in order to fit and function with optimal purpose and direction in all areas of life.  She loves providing the much needed support, motivation, and accountability we all need at times.  She stumbled upon Generational Differences when working with two young entrepreneurs who were a complete mystery!  She now presents this new, hot tool in group seminars and to her coaching clients.  To learn more about Sue, see the About section.


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Confessions of an Accidental Leader
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