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Can Leadership Expertise be Trained, Acquired? pt 2

group-standing21In pt. 2, guest bloggers from my LinkedIn community share their expert opinions on this subject in this post:

“Leadership is a combination of learning and who we are at our core. It is the required learning basic knowledge and skills while developing and fine-tuning abilities. At a deeper level, that is the real question. We could get into a nature nurture discussion.

However, here is the major issue today. Leaders in today’s workforce, especially senior leadership are boomers. They are used to leading the way they have been led to for nearly 3 generations. And, many are somewhat autocratic in their style.

This requires them to change or fine tune their approach and shift their thinking. This is the opportunity we have with today’s workforce. And, asking leaders to change what has worked for generations suddenly rocks the boat…for everyone.

So, leaders that survive in today’s environment are being required to adapt and change with the shifting workforce. Not to mention a similar awareness is just as important with external customer needs shifting as well.

They need to develop instinct—that gut feeling to do what is right and anticipate the needs of their people. Flexing leadership styles is more essential today than ever before. It requires resilience and valor to go against what what one has known for so long and what others in an organization have been used too for so long.”

Phillip Tanzilo-MBA, CPLP, MHRM

Phillip Tanzilo-MBA, CPLP, MHRM

“Many times professionals are too sure about their position; think they know everything. By that they losing their knowledge and memory. Even best leadership expertise need to be trained; up date news, info in their profession to know what is good or bad; what is working or not. Expertise always should be ready for any question to answer.”

Krystyna Mazur

Krystyna Mazur

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Can Leadership Expertise be Trained and Acquired? pt 1

group-standing2In my effort to learn and participate in the social networking site, “LinkedIn”, the number 1 business social networking site, I asked a question to one of the 13 groups I’m part of, and received 15 responses from the “Executive Reform Movement” group.  I’ve answered this question as well as asked two from the group to be my guest bloggers today, and with their permission, I’ve posted their responses on pt. 2.  After reading them, let me know what you think.

I asked this because it is my passion to provide training, support, and coaching to those leaders that “fall” into the role of leadership, and find themselves ill equipped to handle the demands of the position. Something my husband and I faced over 30 years ago, while leading a growing segment of a non-profit organization. Given the position, we then received no training, it was trial and error, hit and miss, and a lot of prayer.  We failed, we excelled, we grew, and it was the beginning of my recognizing how many of us find ourselves in the same “titled” position.  Ta da, you’re now a “LEADER”!  But there’s no magic wand that infused us with the knowledge and skills we needed.  Hence, my reason for having this blog, dedicated to you who want to grow your competencies and be the leader others want to follow.

Now, it never fails to amaze me when I watch leadership transformation take place, that THE TWO most important competencies for growth are: 1.  A willing heart to try things and break out of their comfort zones, and 2. a teachable spirit. Through trial and error, with the support of coaching to re-engineer, train, apply assessments for self-discovery, while cheering the executive along, I’ve seen all kinds of change occur. I’ve observed leaders who were incompetent, ego centric, insecure, lacking motivation and vision, and those who were clueless as to what was needed, make complete transformations! And I can say, wholeheartedly, and emphatically YES – leadership expertise can be trained and acquired by anyone willing and teachable! The book that first revealed the necessary stages, and opened a whole new world to us was, Dr. John C. Maxwell’s book, “Developing the Leader Within You” still relevant today. Between this book and “Be a People Person”, by Dr. Maxwell, we began our assent into the realm of servant leadership, taking our eyes off of getting people to do what we wanted, and onto assisting, equipping, coaching, and motivating people to become all they could become as a new leader, seasoned leader, or manager. It is now an honor to work with the many gifted, highly qualified people who have touched many lives. It is with this motivation that I hope those I coach will find the same great reward. It’s worth the effort to acquire the right heart motivation, and in the end, the employees will continue to make their bosses rich in many ways!

Sue Porter "The Accidental Leader" CPLP, CMEC

Sue Porter “The Accidental Leader” CPLP, CMEC you

Confessions of an Accidental Leader
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