Confessions of an Accidental Leader

Get Out of Discouragement Now, “The 24hr. Rule” for Leaders/Owners/Marnagers

sue-resized1I use Don Shula’s 24 hr rule. Coach Shula, of the Miami Dolphins, understands how detrimental it is to revel in a win or wallow in a loss too long. He keeps his team focused on the “big picture” by training and coaching them to take just 24 hours to be excited, with ecstasy, over a win, or bemoan and grieve over a loss. Once the 24 hours is up, they get right back on the horse of vision and focus on the next game. Shula’s favorite saying: “Success is not forever, and failure isn’t fatal!” He instills in his team the belief that with hard work, it doesn’t matter if things aren’t going well, don’t give up, get down, be overwhelmed, loose control, but remember and believe that ultimately things will turn out well. He’s a man of faith, and understands that what you think on, what you believe, will happen! This correct thinking keeps them grounded, bringing them back to their plumb line of values and beliefs, to be positive.

Who hasn’t experienced discouragement, deep disappointment, outright failure, in their life. For a leader, it can come at you weekly, if not daily – and be deadly? If you’re an entrepreneur, or risen to the top of a company, it’s part of an undisclosed job description. Right along with conflict. That said, how you pull out will either make you, or break you.  I spent years doing it the wrong way myself.  Well, the 24 hr. rule works, I’m telling you! Of course ,I’m not talking about life threatening situations, or death, (although it still helps there) but training your mind and emotions to stop, do an about face, get on track, and put a demand on thinking on the future, and those things that are healthy. If you do, it will be transformational!! Sure, go ahead, take that 24 hrs. to scream your head off, cry, pour out your heart, or be overjoyed, but when that 24th hour hits, BE DONE – get back in control of your mind. Try it, I challenge you, you’ll be amazed. Now if you just can’t, I’d suggest you work on gaining the other skills of emotional intelligence, get coaching, or counseling! We’ve all needed a little extra help in life from time to time. The best to you.

Well, my 24 hours is up, and I’m doing, thinking and feeling just great!!   Sue “The Accidental Leader

Confessions of an Accidental Leader
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