Confessions of an Accidental Leader

MONDAY MORSELS for Leaders-Can Leadership Expertise Be Acquired?

Here’s the question: Do you believe that leadership expertise can be learned, acquired? Can people gain the influence necessary, with teaching, training or coaching, to grow an organization, if they don’t have the natural personality to do so? What’s your opinion?

I asked this because it is my passion to provide training, support, and coaching to those leaders who “fall” into the role of “leadership”, and find themselves ill equipped to handle the demands of the position. This was something my husband and I faced over 30 years ago, while leading a prosperous area in a non-profit organization. It never fails to amaze me when I watch leadership transformation take place right in front of my eyes. I’ve found THE two most important competencies for growth are: 1. A willing heart to try things, while people try to break out of their comfort zones; and, 2. A teachable spirit. Through trial and error, as well as with the support of a coach to re-engineer, train, and apply assessments for self-discovery, (while supporting and cheering the executive along,) I’ve seen change occur over and over again; even in those who had staff that pulled me aside to let me know there was absolutely nothing I would be able to accomplish with so and so. For me, this is music to my ears. Let me at them, to work with them. I’ve observed leaders who were incompetent, egocentric, insecure, lacking motivation and vision, harsh and hard hearted, as well as those who were clueless as to the needs around them, make complete transformations! I can genuinely say, wholeheartedly, and with an emphatic resounding “YES” . . leadership expertise CAN be trained and acquired by anyone who is willing and teachable! In fact, the book that revealed the necessary stages, opening a whole new world to us was, Dr. John C. Maxwell’s book, “Developing the Leader Within You“. Between this book and “Be a People Person“, by Dr. Maxwell, we began our assent into a new realm of servant leadership, learning to take our eyes off of getting people to do what “WE” wanted, and onto assisting, equipping, coaching, and motivating people to become all they could become, in the position they were in, thus fulfilling the company mission as they grew. It is now an honor to work with the many gifted, highly qualified people who have touched so many others and been willing to learn the lessons needed, and skill sets necessary, to become a servant leader. It is with this motivation that I hope those I coach will find the same great reward. It’s worth the effort to acquire and deal with a right heart motivation. And in the end, the employees will continue to make their bosses rich in every way possible!

Confessions of an Accidental Leader
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