Confessions of an Accidental Leader


BEHAVIORAL STYLES:  Once and For All  “The Ultimate People Reading Blueprint” 


Can be Tailored to the Needs of Your Organization!

Has Been Used in Coaching & Seminars Conducted by Sue For:

  • Leadership DevelopmentDISC Picture

  • Managerial Training – People leave managers, not the company

  • Team-Building Throughout Your Organization

  • A Fun, Energizing, and Motivational Experience either for a half day or at a Lunch and Learn!

  • Sales Training – Being Able to Effectively Mirror the Customer

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Communication Enhancement – Can be combined or added to Sue’s Program on “Listening for Success

Did you know that people are usually HIRED for their IQ

But they are FIRED for their EI!!

Decoding the Life and Work of the 4 Generations

Can be Tailored to Your Group!

Understanding how the four generations can work together well, by understanding how each “cohort” has its own symbols, dress, mannerisms, method of communication, and definition of success.  These differences can create tension and conflict in the work environment.  Come learn how to value and work with our differences.  See flier for more info.  Men are welcome to come, and have participated in the past.

In the past with the WIT Group


Collaboration Equals Success


• Create A Unified Mission
• Establish Your Vision And Values
• Improve Communication
• Resolve Conflict
• Provide Outstanding Customer Service
• Understand Generational Diversity
• Train Your Team On Leadership
• Provide Training For Your Trainers

Learn more about our seminars and about the assessment tools we use in conjunction with training.


If you could get all the people in an organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market against any competition, at any time.
Patrick Lencioni


  • Demystifying the Tight Rope of Good Communication

  • Discover the Successful Savvy Leader Within You with Personality Styles

  • What Didn’t Get You Here, Will Get You There – How to Unleash Your Leadership

  • Loving Listening – Your Tool to Influence

  • Discover the Leaders Around You, Cultivating Leadership on Your Team

  • Breakthrough Teams – Discovering the Keys to Unleash Motivation and Collaboration

  • 5 Choices for Extraordinary Productivity (Sue is one of the ASTD Tucson Franklin Covey Trainers)

collageDecidetoFlyfinCorporate Seminars – We help you by assessing your organization’s strengths and weaknesses.  Then work with you and your team to provide innovative solutions designed to meet your specific needs. We offer a variety of state-of-the-art computer generated assessments to compliment the facilitation of appropriate, interesting training for your company’s culture. You will ultimately have ownership of the eventual outcomes.

To create a successful organization:  Consider these topics for your training solutions:

  • Leadership Dynamics 101:  Help your managers successfully get work done through your employees.  The key competency for management.

  • Understand the Core Behavioral Styles of Your Team Members:  Learn how to leverage your employee’s strengths, while complimenting their weaknesses.

  • Four Step Process to Better Communication: Achieve greater levels of cooperation and performance.

  • Help, We Have Conflict:  How to diffuse it, and use it for your advantage.

  • Create Strategies With Management that Reduce Conflict: Howto facilitate, listen, and understand one another.

  • How to Increase Morale and Build Trust: The key components needed for great management.

  • The Lost Art of Motivation:  Learn to speak so that people hear you and cooperate.

  • Motivation:  The key to retention and a great organizational culture.

  • Tsunami in the Workplace:  Generational diversity of your team.  Clash points, differing values, how to recruit and retain according to differing generational values.



Join the new era of training by taking a class with a group of people on the phone over a bridge line. Stay in the comfort of your office or home and experience the latest, greatest form of training that is revolutionizing the world of consulting! Get connected today and find out about our current classes.  Go to the events page for more information and the current schedule of classes being offered.



Along with engaging critical stakeholders in the planning effort, we will guide you to establish a process that will build trust and create the involvement and buy in of your team. This process, once learned, can then be use on an ongoing basis.  We will then generate creative strategies for the continued cooperation and productivity of your employees.

During the strategic process the leadership team will be coached using various facilitation methods to create their own unique set of mission, vision, and guiding values. This new mission, vision, and values will then direct the organization providing a plumb line for organizational development, future decisions, and evaluation. By providing challenging learning activities the participants stay engaged while they discover critical principles and value-based management styles that are needed for organizational progress.

Benefits of Strategic Planning:

  • Be faced with “tough questions” so you can be brutally honest with how you’re really doing.

  • Develop a Mission Statement that your people will buy into because they were included in the process.

  • Establish the company’s Vision and Values in order to guide all the departments in decision making and innovation for the future.

  • Discover, through a SWOT analysis, what is holding you back from your full organizational potential.

  • Create task teams that will discover solutions for company challenges.

  • Establish the groundwork for organizational change – leading the people through the resistance stage to the cooperation stage.

  • Learn how you can receive the  highest return on your investment of time and resources.

  • Establish meaningful priorities.


It all begins with the right person for the right place: Hiring the right person the first time is crucial in our job-changing society. Outstanding people give you and your organization the competitive advantage necessary to stay current during this tumultuous economic time.  Therefore, matching the job requirements with the individual behavioral style is imperative to success. With the average job tenure these days being 3.5 years, we can strategically work with you to create an atmosphere that helps you find and keep your best employees.

An article in the Nov. 2005 issue of HR Magazine, the leading magazine for HR directors, explains that some companies; “. . .use personality assessments to assist with leadership development, individual development, team communications, conflict resolution, coaching and hiring.” The article goes on to say that, “HR professionals are using personality profiles to analyze the organization’s “bench strength” and to find a variety of candidates who possess the diverse personalities and styles that the organization needs.”

“Before you put someone in their place, you should put yourself in theirs.”
David Denotairs

Confessions of an Accidental Leader
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