Confessions of an Accidental Leader



picsue2010b (2)Are you ready to make dynamic goals that will fire you up so that 2017 will be your best year ever?

Are you ready for support, encouragement, and to explore some new directions?

Would creating an accountability structure that works for you, help you with follow-through, focus and staying on track?

Are there barriers holding you back, but you don’t know where to begin?   Are you ready for a breakthrough?

Do you want to increase your influence and leadership capabilities to be able to motivate and retain your most valuable staff?

If you’re feeling like two or more of the above questions relate to you, then you’re  ready to experience what coaching can do for you!  Coach Sue CPLP, CMEC is a certified, experienced Business Coach and Executive Coach.


Coaching Target Concept


(Executive Section below)         

The reason some hire a coach is to move forward in their business and life. For others, it’s to become unstuck and untangled.  For lots it’s to re-fuel their fire and motivation; for others it’s to reach an inspiring goal with support, encouragement and accountability. Coaching is a co-creative act between a person and the coach. This collaboration creates a synergy to fast-track particular areas of ones life, career, and/or dreams.


  • Do you need motivation and benchmark goals to ignite the fire of your career again?

  • Do you have untapped potential that needs to be released, but you aren’t sure how to release it?

  • Are there things stopping, or hindering your progress or career, but you don’t know what they are, how to find them, or what to do with them once you do?

  • Would you like assistance getting focused, staying on track, and accomplishing the “right” things?



  • Assist you in working more effectively with your employees.peoplegroup

  • Help you hire the “right” people for positions, then discover how to motivate and retain them.

  • Provide you with direction to develop your career track so it will sustain your motivation and keep your focus.

  • Isn’t it time to obtain an outside perspective? Obtain powerful, intuitive suggestions from a trained profession who has a successful track record with many others just like you?  See the references below.

Coaching can provide answers to many of these questions, and more.  Don’t hesitate, sign-up NOW!




Increase your leadership skills with executive coaching.  Areas one may want to explore with Executive Coach Sue:

  • Speed up the course of your professional development

  • Increase your capacity to positively influence your staff and others

  • Inspire better work from your employees

  • Discover your strengths, delegate your weaknesses

  • Grow in your power to lead effectively

  • Speak so people listen and respond positively

  • Recognize the 20% of your objectives that should receive 80% of your time

  • Master how to effectively work with and motivating the “RIGHT” people

  • Discover your ability to develop the leaders around you, successfully mentoring them into their purpose and destiny in your company



Coaching is an agenda-free support that assists you in creating powerful options for your life. Coaching can help you to gain new, broader perspectives, and is a compass to guide your decisions and future!

Benefits of Coaching from Executive Coach/Business Coach Sue Porter CPLP, CMEC:

  • Be listened to with intuitive, sensitive feedback tailored specifically to you in a non-judgmental way that you can hear, receive, and follow

  • Assistance to assess your needs and gaps, then co-create powerful goals that inspire you to action

  • Discover your unique mission and purpose in life and discern your values and vision to live by

  • Untap your hidden potential, and unleash your compassstrengths

  • Gain new perspectives regarding your limitations and barriers, and keys to overcome them

  • Having a fully trained professional gifted in supporting and encouraging you while still holding you as powerful, therefore accountable to achieve the things you know you’ve wanted to achieve, but just haven’t done it

  • Discover how to shift your thinking to greater possibilities for yourself and business, and your home life

  • Eliminate potential mistakes before they sabotage your career and life!

  • Quit settling for anything less than what’s BEST for you and your FUTURE


“Asked for a conservative estimate of the monetary payoff from the coaching they got these managers described an average return of more than $100,000, or about six times what the coaching had cost their companies.” Fortune Magazine, 2-19-01


A fortune 500 firm commissioned a study using MetrixGlobal, LLC, and determined that executive coaching produced an astounding 529% return on investment. 75% of the respondents expressed coaching had significant or very significant impact on at least one of their business areas.

Coaching can help identify “High Performance Patterns” in specific individuals on teams, and thus gives you the ability to leverage this understanding.


Do you know why Olympic athletes, those at the top of their game, the best of the best in the world, have a coach? Even they recognize the need for someone to support and encourage them, mentor and redirect them, and ultimately hold them accountable to function at their optimal best! You can have this same powerful experience that can propel you into your personal and professional destiny and purpose! “Until we focus and define what is most important to us, we live our lives in a haze of other-directed urgencies. Coaching is designed to help you stay focused – to practice ‘planned abandonment’ of opportunities that would merely serve as distractions.”                                                                                        Laurie Beth Jones

For the last year, I have been working with Sue Porter as my business and life coach. Sue has been an Lisa Krikawaunbelievable part of my life. When I first started with Sue, I was hanging on by a thread. I was experiencing a number of difficult issues to manage. As a small business owner with 10 employees and a wife and mother of 3, there is no shortage of challenges in my life, but the past year has proven to be particularly difficult. With Sue’s help, I have been able to traverse the treacherous landscape of business development and personnel conflict, while bringing balance and clarity to my personal and family life.

Incorporating the understanding of DISC personality styles has proven to be integral to my relationships, both at work and at home. I now understand how certain strengths are tied into specific weaknesses, bringing me grace and insight into my interpersonal relations and a deeper understanding of human nature.

I’ve been able to apply this same learning to gain appreciation for my own personality type, which has helped me to understand what my talents are and how to truly spend my time wisely. What a blessing Sue has been for me, and I feel that she has rocketed me through what could have potentially been many years of hardship and frustration.

Thank you Sue!

Lisa Krikawa CEO and Owner of Krikawa Jewelry Design 2013

“Sue was retained to work with the executive management team of a large public works design and 3f02098construction project valued at $1.4 billion. Her primary mission was to develop open and trusting relationships among the executive management team to enhance communication and team work in a political charged, complex, and high pressure working environment. She not only provided insightful and practical techniques for working in a difficult environment, but also provided valuable individual attention which resulted in a better understanding of human interactions in professional and personal relationships.

Sue’s knowledge of effective communication and complex relationships is key to motivating you to stretch yourself to reach greater potential. It is difficult to write a few words to describe the profound impact Sue had on the organization and the individuals involved. The best way I know to say it by highly recommending Sue as someone you should work with.”

Stephen Playford Executive Management Team – Billion Dollar Engineering Project

Sue provided me with clarity and direction during a period where I was making an employment decision. 542389_10151191567849744_154667924_nShe listened so carefully and assessed my situation asking thought-provoking questions that helped me come to terms with who I am and what is best for me. Her assistance was so valuable in cutting through the clutter and conflict.

Michele Glazer Assistant Site Coordinator at Barrington Hall and Account Manager at Dow Jones

“We hired Sue shortly after we had some changes to our Executive Team. We needed to get the “players” on the same page, and be able to best identify ways to work with each other. Sue provided us the content and facilitation in an easy to understand manner. Sue is an inspirational trainer, who helped us understand the complexities in all of us. I would highly recommend Sue to anyone or any company. She was/is great!”

Alan Klein General Manager Westward Look Resort Tucson, Arizona

We should take one hour a week to plan for our future. I feel that my time with Sue has been that for me for the past year. I find that she helps me look at the big picture , while also improving my outlook, to solve the day to day challenges of owning a business.

Mara Robinson Owner of Roman Shades by Mara

Sue Porter takes a detailed look at providing much needed insight to your business. An expert on dynamics within the work place and desires for positive results. The tools that you receive can help your business prosper and run smoother than ever before.

Michael Vince Insurance Broker at Pacific International Insurance

We are a large company in Tucson, Arizona with revenues of more than $6 Billion. Sue Porter helped us identify the root cause issues and then worked closely with the group to turn them in the right direction.

This was not an easy task as the group had been dysfunctional for some time. Her insight and expertise guided us through a team building process that has proven to be helpful and effective. Sue is very passionate about achieving results and knowledgeable in making that happen. She was a great coach and an excellent person with which to work.

Linda Nichols, Large Mining Company 2012

Sue has brought tremendous value to our organization. She has taught me how to be a leader and continues to provide great ideas to grow me and my business. Weekly Sue provides new ideas and thinks out of the box. She is a true visionary.Gabby LuomaCPA Owner at Gabrielle Luoma CPA PLLC


Confessions of an Accidental Leader
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