Confessions of an Accidental Leader

Why Successful Executives and Business Owners Are Consistent Readers

Readers Are Leaders!

Opened magic book with magic lightFor me, as an Executive/Business Coach, the most important aspect of being an avid reader has to do with the most successful executives, or business owners.

According to Why Successful Executives Read” according to PSP Metrics, they have:

  • An increased awareness of the issues

  • Better preparedness to take strategic action

  • More relevant information regarding their industry

  • A broader understanding of the issues that may affect their employees, customers, and community

  • Become aware of those ideas that will expand their thinking and problem solving processes

  • A better understanding of ideas that will broaden their thinking and create greater confidence!

Because many CEO’s deal with governments as well as cultural issues, even though reading doesn’t take the place of first-hand experience, it is the next best thing to assist them in successful interactions!

Without reading some believe they:

  • Become less equipped to deal effectively with the issues

  • Less prepared to evaluate the information they receive

Therefore, they’re not as capable of: Understanding more complex issues

Reading the signs of impending shifts in thinking, and Reading just plain gives one a competitive advantage! You’ll be more equipped to deal effectively with the issues, and to evaluate crucial situations that could take you out. More important, without reading, you could miss the signs of impending shifts in thinking and the needed implementation. And, because you’ll be introduced to the “thought leaders” within your industry, and others, you’ll have an attuned, well-rounded global perspective. This then provides you with elevated “higher levels of thinking” to be able to assess situations with the relevant filters of diverse ideas and creative problem-solving.


So, if you..

  • want a promotion

  • need to re-create yourself to acquire a new job

  • want to prepare your business to sell

  • or just want to know how to work more effectively with your colleagues,

READ the right material and it will take you where you need to go.


To conclude, reading is so important, successful executives and business owners make the time to read in the middle of their hectic, helter skelter day, attesting to its place in making them who they are, SUCCESSFUL!

How to Hire the Right Coach, Consultant, or Trainer that fits YOU!

With the RIGHT Information, You Can Find Your Coach!

Coaching Target Concept

You may be a Business Owner, Manager, or even Executive and you know you need to grow, get support, encouragement, direction, accountability, and a fresh marketing plan for your business, but with so many coaches and consultants making bold claims to help your business right now, how do you know who is the best fit for you and your business?  First, let me say there’s no right or wrong coach, it’s who fits you and your current needs.  Other than making sure you have a genuine “connection” with them, here are a few ways to evaluate what’s important:

  1. What are their credentials?pencil_draw_checkmark_yellow_clipboard_400_clr

  2. What have their past clients said about them, their recommendations?  Are these their words, or did the Coach/Consultant write it, and they just edited it?

  3. What have they done to stay current in business, in this ever changing marketplace?  (As an example for comparison, see my experience. and some of my recommendations at )

  4.  How many coaches have they personally retained?  Do they presently have a coach?  If they haven’t had one for an extended period of time, then they haven’t been through the coaching process themselves, and may not have received the mentoring or training you can only receive when you experience coaching for yourself.

  5. What conferences, courses, or programs have they taken?  These are exceptional ways for coaches and consultants to expand their knowledge base and upgrade their training.  What this tells you is that they are teachable, and staying up on current trends.  It says they value continuing education so that you can be sure they’re providing you with the current business and industry standards. 

What else might you want to consider before retaining a coach?  Some of this is again individual preferences.  You may want to know:

  • How long they’ve been a coach/consultant, how many hours have they practiced

  • How did they get into coaching/consulting in the first place

  • What their specialty is and why

  • What they’ve accomplished

  • Have they given back to their community?

You won’t connect with every coach, or with their style of delivery.  And that’s to be expected.  There are enough coaches you can now choose from, that one should be able to find the one that you are comfortable with, and relate to, and that the coach connects with you as well.  In fact, no matter what style a person is, there’s a coach out there somewhere that fits themNo need to feel obligated, pushed, manipulated, or controlled.  Try some sample sessions, strategy sessions, or whatever they may call them, and you will find your coach.

Marketing Automation, How it Has Evolved

As leaders today, you must stay up with the current methods of marketing your products and offerings.  This is a great infograph to stimulate your thinking about how well you’re automating your content, your methods of marketing.  What ways do you see below that you’re doing, and what ways do you see you still need to upgrade?  Tell me in the comments section below, if you dare.  Let ‘s see if can find some common marketing methods, and some ways we all need to grow.
Evolution of Modern Marketing Automation
Evolution of Modern Marketing Automation was created by the Marketo Marketing Automation team.

Discover How To Sell to the Different Generations!


All the Generations Working Together


Learn MORE about the Exciting Massive Action to Client Attraction Mastermind

Beginning the end of Sept! 

I am so very EXCITED about last week’s response!  This is obviously needed!  A second group is being formed now!  Don’t miss out on getting your application in!  In fact, are you a small business leader in your respective industry? Do you feel one day you’ll mentor others to do what you’re doing now?  This was meant for you! LEADERS NEED COACHES TOO!  Three spots are left now!

Join me this Friday at noon for our next teleseminar full of useful content for your marketing efforts!

Did you know:

  • Which generation really HATES stereotypes-when the other generations make assumptions about them? (All of them, but this one, is especially sensitive about this.)

  • What generation do you need to reach by marketing to their cell phone or tablet?

  • Which generation wants mentoring by the Traditional Generation?  The generation who will listen to podcasts or watch videos most?

  • What to do to reach the younger generation?  And then keep them?

  • The language to use that will either turn them off, or elicit intrigue?

Learn these answers and so much more during the Friday Teleseminar! 

To Join this Teleseminar:

When:  Sept. 13, Friday 12:00 to 1:00pm

Sign-up Here


Millennial GenerationVeteran Generation

Bridging the NEW Generation Gap!








TIME:  12:00 – 1:00pm MST (currently the same as PST)

Have you found yourself completely baffled by the attitudes and behaviors of people in the workforce? Did you know there’s a major clash of the generations happening these days where differing generations are jostling for room in the company? As a result, has your office turned into a battle zone? And, if you’re a business owner you’ve got to know not only how to manage the differences, and mitigate the problems, but to market appropriately. If you’re a part of this conundrum, are you trying to figure out how to connect with people younger, or understand those older than yourself? If you’re management, are you having challenges giving feedback, dealing with differing performance issues, different values, different ideas, different ways of getting things done, and different ways of communicating? For example, you’ve got one person who’s a workaholic and values money, position, and prestige, while another lives for as much for vacation and time off as possible, creating work/life balance. One wants you to communicate with them using text, and another you can’t even get to use e-mail, much less know how to navigate their new cell phone. Basically, it’s a new day for management, leadership and marketing. We’ve got the Traditional Generations, Baby boomers, Generation X’ers, and those of the Millennial Generation, all with differing values, work ethics, views of life, and priorities, all working in the same organization, sometimes right next to one another. As a leader, you better know what you’re up against because did you know that by 2025 75% of the workforce will be made up of the millennial generation. Ready to listen in, and sign-up now?

SIGN-UP NOW and receive FREE the “Generational Intelligence” 31pg manual!

Wednesday July 31st at 12:00-1:00 MST


Why Building Your E-Mail List Should be Your First and Foremost Business Building Strategy!

Your Best Marketing Method to Gain Interested Prospects, While Staying in Touch With Your Clients, is Though Your Newsletter/Ezine!

There are so many components to marketing when beginning a business.  Not to mention what you need to do to keep it going.  As a result, are you finding yourself running around bouncing from one thing you hear you need to another; blogging, social media, article writing, networking etc., that you’re not really sure you’re getting anywhere?  The one thing I now know is that the most important element of marketing that you ought to spend your valuable time on, especially at first, is BUILDING YOUR LIST.  If I could do a “Back to the Future” fantasy ride and begin my Coaching Business again, I would spend at least my first 6 months working to build a list of targeted, qualified subscribers. Those who connect with my message and feel I have something that adds value to their business.  So, if I told you that if your future income hinged on this one main thing, would you listen?  Because this is by far the BEST, most lucrative tip I could provide you for your future success. In fact,*** if you haven’t heard it before, THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST!  What’s the list?  It’s a group of subscribers that have voluntarily chosen to follow you.  In fact, I’ve heard prominent speakers say that if their business burned down, if they were to lose all the tools or their trade, even their building, as long as they had their list of clients and interested parties, they could re-build anytime, anywhere! It’s simple to understand, let me show you:

When you want to begin a new program you tell everyone on your e-mail list.

When you’re going to do a sale, you’ll e-mail your list to let them know.

When you have a new product to announce, you put it in your newsletter, to your list.

When there’s a big announcement, or change you need to inform your clients about, you e-mail your list.

Now here’s the thing, you have to provide them with quality content. Content that makes them want to listen and take notice, notice about how they can be or do better.  It’s about them, not you.  If you’ll spend your time serving them, looking to meet their needs, your needs will be met!  So, what’s your strategy?


For more help about lists, I’ve provided some extra links, including a video below!  Let me know which ones are most helpful:


  1. Video on why it’s the most important activity you can do when beginning your business!  Building your e-mail list:

  2. How to Build a First-Class Email List in 30 Days — from Scratch:

  3. How to Get More Subscribers for Your Email List:

  4. Start Building Your Email List Now:

  5. How I Gained 1,054 Emails in 28 Days:

5 Keys To Starting A “Positive Domino Effect Of Activity!


Are there things you know you should be doing, but they feel

Courtesy of "Dominoes" by Sura Nualpradid/

overwhelming, there’s so much to it, you just can’t seem to get started?  I know how you feel. I’m finally embarking on a new project I’ve wanted to launch for a while now.  It’s not something I’m unused to doing, that I haven’t done before, it’s just packed in a different venue . . .tele-summits.  I’ve done two now and Monday night I spoke on an international Coaching Tele- summit, with world class, renowned coaches, well, from whom I’ve taken classes from.  Then I have an interview with Dr. Deb Gilroy for her Telesummit:  for coaches, therapists, and entrepreneurs in September.  And you know what’s funny, and scary, while exhilarating all at the same time? It doesn’t matter that I’ve personally coached, presented to, and trained executives.  We can’t, as business owners, or executives, rest on our laurels!  So what is the problem?  This is NEW and DIFFERENT, and whenever you enter unchartered waters, just getting started sometimes is the hardest part, but it’s all it takes to get rolling sometimes.  Is this what impedes most success?  Now, I’m thinking, geez Sue, what’s the big deal?  Well, there isn’t one, it’s just unknown!  So, let me ask you, what is it that you’ve known for a long time you need to learn, do, or embark on?  Join me, be a leader, and just do it, get started.  You know what it is.  Get up right now, go get a book to write in, or some kind of pda and make the final commitment – WRITE DOWN what you’re GOING TO DO right NOW.  Follow these steps and you’ll soon have under your belt another skill set, program, or class that will take you so much closer to your destiny.  Go ahead, JUST DO IT – don’t wait – follow this:

  1. Make it a S.M.A.R.T. goal to give you clarity, direction and a mini-plan. (This acronym means to be: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time Bound.)

  2. Align it with your strategic plan for the year, checking to see that it fits with your personal and work: Mission in Life, Vision, and Values.  In other words, make sure it’s not just a “Bright Shiny Object” luring you from your true call!

  3. Tell two people what you’re about to do, by what date, while inviting them to check in with you to see how you’re doing. (Of course unless you have a BUSINESS COACH)

  4. Take the first stepSign-up for that class, contact that person, write that e-mail

  5. Determine when you will complete, finish or acquire it. (This is the time-bound part)

And you know what, just because I got started, I’ve also found the impetus to begin two other major projects I’ve been intending to do for some time.  Just like being disciplined in one area leads to more discipline in other areas of your life, you will find that getting started may just begin a powerfully positive domino effect.

The Value of the Traditional Generation


So what is the purpose in understanding the generations when it comes to business?  Let me show you.  You see, the way the Traditional Generation grew up they are:






Prefer to work in a stable environment

Would rather save than spend

Now, who wouldn’t want that on their staff?  In fact, their values guide them to sacrifice for the greater good, so if they perceive this to be your company, they’ll be loyal, faithful, dedicated, and respectful to the end.  Above all else, they want to feel they have something to offer, therefore don’t put them out to pasture, especially now.  Soon, very soon they’ll be gone, but while we have the chance, we have a whole new generation  that has emerged on the workforce scene, the Millennial or Generation Y.  This generation mirrors more of the values of the Traditional Generation and they welcome an opportunity to be mentored by them. Could you see the usefulness in this?  And remember, they’ve been through The Great Depression, bread lines, and WWII, so they have enduring patience, and understand the meaning of sacrifice, so they won’t be petty, and instead of running off with your office supplies, they’ll find ways to cut corners.  If you have someone of the Traditional Generation on your staff, you have a gold mine of not only stability, but you have one of the “keepers” of experience and character.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my career, as a Business Coach, is to be a kind of business match maker.  There is not much better, in my line of work, than to being able to find a talented, quality person and be able into a company who has a gap they fit perfectly.  While I can, and while we still have these pillars in our community, I’m on a mission to find great positions for this generation!

As a Business Coach I Want to Provide a Fresh Perspective of the Baby Boom Generation to Decrease Any Frustration From Misconseptions

In order to be effective leaders and collaborators with the boomer generation, we have to discern what made them who they distinctively are, in comparison with the other generations!

The Baby Boomer Generation 1946-1964 (18 yrs.)78 million strong

(The “Me” Generation)  Optimistic and Competitive, “The: “Question Authority” Generation  – we were to change the world (According to our parents that is!)

PEOPLE  who shaped the culture of this generation:

John F Kennedy                   Martin Luther King       Star Trek

Richard Milhous Nixon    The Beetles                        Elvis

Barbara Streisand                Partridge Family             Janis Joplin

The Rolling Stones              Captain Kangaroo          Dr. Spock (children)

Father Knows Best              “Deep Throat”                  Gloria Steinem

PLACES that shaped the culture of this generation:

The Watergate Hotel           Hanoi Hilton                   Chappaquiddick

Woodstock                              Kent State                         The Suburbs

Planned Parenthood            Boonie Pty’s                     Hitchhiking

CENTRAL EVENTS that shaped their future views on almost everything:

Civil Rights Marches           Watergate Hotel            Sexual Revolution

Creation of the PILL            Concerts                           Burning the flag

Man on the Moon                 Cuban War Crisis         Oil Embargo

Creation television               Space Travel                    Rebellion toward govt.

Vietnam                                    The draft                           The Cold War

Laugh-In                                  Love-Ins                            Sit-Ins


The Television                        The Pill                           Bell Bottoms

Halter Tops                              Mood Rings                  Beads and Strobe

Lights                                         Marijuana, LSD, Heroin

Dripping Candles                   Long Hair/No bra

Again, the number one mistake most people make is to think that the other generations must view things, understand things, and think things like, well like “we” do.  Different doesn’t mean wrong, just different!  And, when we look closely at what made the ideals, views, and outlooks of the generations, what made them they the way they are today, we can see why the Traditional Generation places such a high value on the Government and obeying authority, it’s what won two world wars, and carried them through the Great Depression!  Why they are such penny pinchers who live by the slogan:  “Waste not want not!”  In the same say you can also see that when the Vietnamese War arrived why the Boomers rose up against it.  Now I didn’t say this was right or wrong, I’m just saying it is understandable that we didn’t just go along with what we felt was a gross misjudgement on the part of our government!  We didn’t just accept and obey, we questioned EVERYTHING, swinging the opposite direction from the beliefs and values of our parents.  It makes sense, when we look at the history that shaped us, why we Boomers are a driven generation, consumed by our work.  In fact, most of us don’t even plan on retiring.  This was because our parents said we could do anything, be anything, and by golly we were going to fulfill their expectations and more.  We weren’t going to have to live like our parents, with an outhouse, war, and depression, we were instead going for the gusto, the real deal!  Can you see what molded our thinking and our drive from the above scenarios? As a Business Coach I encounter the values clash in the workplace almost daily.  The Traditionalists value earning their place on the leadership team, while accepting the input of their manage as the gospel without questionBoomers however, want to process decisions, to  meet and plan the “right” option.  Because we grew up with 78 million peers, we had to learn to work together and on teams, so we do the same in the work environment.  Yet to stand out from among this large crowd, created a kind of competitiveness and drive that keeps us going, and going, and going.  Can you see the way our differences emerged? I find this fascinating!  And there is so much more I will review and reveal in the next post, to put parts of the generational puzzle together!  We’ll get into the best way to market to each generation, and even how to lead them while demystifying some of the wrong assumptions we tend to work off of, and hopefully you’ll find useful information to make your efforts to collaborate and work with the different generations a peasant experience.

Your Coaching Challenge:  Talk with someone from the Traditional Generation: (born between 1920 and 1945) and ask them questions about growing up, and what they had to live with, or without.  Then do the same with a Boomer, all the while discerning the differences in their approaches to things and why.  Then write about your experience below for us to learn from as well!  And enjoy the process!

Business Leaders, Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For Better Exposure!

Great, Short Tip For Better Optimization!

Just did this tip myself! LinkedIn is by far one of the foremost social media marketing sites for professionals.  Not only does every fortune 500 company have an executive participating, but the average income of users is $100,000.  It is “THE” social media business site to use!  More to come.

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