Confessions of an Accidental Leader

Leaders, Managers, and Owners Did You Know That 3/4ths of the Workforce Will be the Millennial Generation by 2025. Are you Ready?

Join the Conversion and Learn About This Amazing Generation!

Millennial GenerationThey can bang out a text message faster than thumbs are meant to move, are the multitask masters that keep more computer screens open on their desk, can following more trains of thought, all while you’re standing there trying to have a conversation with them.  They get more done in one day, than some of us hope to do in three, have a sense of social consciousness that puts most of us to shame, and are trying to live down the stereo types cast about them since they were still in diapers.  Who are they? They’re the next leaders of our country, the Millennials, also known as Generation Y.  (sign-up for the Teleseminar)They are the ones who are inheriting the mess of our fossil fuel crisis, disastrous environmental issues, declining value of the dollar, and poor management and leadership of our country.  These are the ones inheriting the debacled reign of the Baby Boomers.  They’ve been judged as, and rightly so 5 to 10 years ago, as being trophy children, wanting praise for just showing up for work, and being too dependent on their friends who they talk to three and four times a day, Mom and Dad.  These stereo types may have been true even just a few years ago, and some may still be maturing, but come on folks, let’s face it, they’re now hitting their 30’s and quite frankly, many of them are currently the same age that our founding fathers were when they formed our country and drafted the Declaration of Independence. 

                                            (sign-up for the Teleseminar)

Even they need to be given a chance and the benefit of the doubt that they can grow up, mature, and live down these once true statements.  Hey, it wasn’t that long ago we Baby Boomers were wearing halter tops, bell bottoms, tie died shirts with everyone’s hair being undistinguishably the same length, hanging out at Woodstock, engaged in all manner of rock and roll, and all it entailed?  And like all generations, not all participated.  Would we want othersw to continue describing us as if we were stuck in our 20’s when we were 30 something?  That said, we do have our challenges with this generation.  You see, by 2025 these Millennials, otherwise known as Generation Y, WILL BE 3/4ths OF OUR WORKFORCE!  Therefore, my question is, ARE WE READY?  DO WE KNOW WHAT WE NEED TO DO TO PREPARE your company, or culture to be ready for this insurgence of zeal, optimism, and techno savvy genius!  Are you onboarding them the best way for them to receive?  As leaders, managers, and executive coaches, it’s time to NOW! If you’re in Tucson, Az. You can join me next week, on Wed. March 5th at 3:00pm for a lively conversation about GETTING READY, BECAUSE THEY’RE ALREADY HERE!  Are you a Millennial?  Come set us straight, or give us your take on this situation. We’re all learning. Have some insights now, please share them below! And join us March 5th (sign-up for the Teleseminar)

“Massive Action for Client Attraction” Teleseminar Fri.

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Do you need Clients?  Leads that will become your ideal clients?  Would you like to experience the synergy, motivation, and energy of a powerful mastermind that will challenge you to do more than you can do on your own?  Then apply now for the “Massive Action for Client Attractionmastermind, beginning the third week of September.  This is a “Coach in a Box” program that Sue’s been testing, and working on for two years. With this program Sue will personally coach and work with you to create a tailor made system that fits you, your personality, giftings, and strengths, along with uncovering your personal motivators.  Wouldn’t you like to work with a coach who has coached executives of billion dollar projects, to overcome their weaknesses and blind-spots holding them back, who’s greatest gifting is intuitively knowing what is, and isn’t working in a business?  Who’s clients make major breakthroughs in their business, and in their life, therefore gaining a new confidence?  Just look at her recommendations.  Now, combine all of this, along with the right people in a MASTERMIND, and you’ve got “MASSIVE ACTION FOR CLIENT ATTRACTION.”  Wouldn’t it be more fun to ramp up your business doing marketing and sales together?  Bet you wouldn’t let yourself out of those appointments, phone calls, drop-bys, and follow-ups when you know others see what you are and aren’t doing!  Putting yourself in a little forced accountability can do wonders in helping you GAIN MORE LEADS, THAT TURN INTO MANY MORE CLIENTS!  What if? 

Now, we’ve all heard the phrase, “Don’t work harder, work smarter.”  And that’s a fantastic goal, but what if, for a short period of time, just 30 days (Phase 1 of 3) you did both: WORKED SMARTER, AND WORK HARDER to magnetically pull in clients before the end of 2013.  (Want to Apply NOW?) Then once you gain the big “MO…” (MOMENTUM) you can ride that baby right on through the Holidays, not missing a step when the New Year arrives!   So, let me ask you, what if, just what if you could get something going now, and keep it going, with a few strategic breaks through the holidays, so that you’ll be all REVVED UP AND RUNNING in JANUARY OF 2014How would that feel?  This, and so much more is exactly what “Massive Action for Client Attraction” will do for you.  You’ll “Be” more, “Do” more, and “Have” more than you’ve had before.  All right along with other serious minded, motivated, fun loving, team mates who like you, won’t settle for ordinary, and instead want to be extraordinary leaders in their industry!  So, join me this Friday at 12:00pm to hear more, and APPLY HERE.  Go to sign-up for the teleseminar.  Can’t come but want to hear the details?  Go ahead and sign-up below now.

DATE: Fri. September 6th

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Four Steps to Keep You From Making a Bad Decision on a Challenging, Difficult Day!

In fact, John Maxwell says:

  • “The wrong decision at the wrong time = DISASTER

  • The wrong decision at the right time = MISTAKE

  • The right decision at the wrong time = UNACCEPTANCE

  • The right decision at the right time = SUCCESS”

Personally, I prefer the 4th, but REMEMBERING “NEVER MAKE A SIGNIFICANT DECISION ON A BAD DAY, has spared me many wrong turns in my business!   In fact, I’ve discovered a few important ways to safeguard my decision-making that I thought you could benefit from:

  1. Make sure your option fits into your “Mission in Life”, the explicit reason you exist.  If it doesn’t, use “Planned Abandonment” to move on and not look back.  If you don’t have a mission statement, see ____________, and stay tuned as I’ll be doing a teleseminar series in September on how to discover yours.

  2. Be certain your decision to _____________lines up with your life VALUES, and that it doesn’t violate them.  If it involves major change, remember you may go through the 5 stages of grief.  Like leaving your lifelong home, moving to a new city.  There’s always a letting go you endure to embrace the new things and seasons in your life.  Letting go may be a challenge, you may consider GETTING YOURSELF A COACH!  This way you can process appropriately, with support.

  3. Speaking of having a “COACH”, if you are a coach yourself, don’t try to make decisions on your  own when you’re in the middle of challenging situations.  That’s like a doctor trying to diagnose and heal themselves!

  4. The more serious, life altering the decision is, the more you ought to consider the counsel of your most trusted advisers.  You may want to ask a few simple questions to draw upon their wisdom in business, the kind of wisdom and answers you’d never discern on your own.  Such as;

  • Can you see me doing this?

  • Does it fit me?

  • What concerns would you have if I were to _________?


  • Does it seem to be the right timing for me to _________?

We’ve made decisions we later discovered people around us, closest to us, knew weren’t right for us.  On the other hand, we’ve also had dear, dear friends make life altering decisions we were sure didn’t fit them, and ended up being disastrous for them.   However, if you don’t ask for your trusted advisers, or friends opinions, they will more than likely, if they’re smart, NOT give it.  You have to want to hear what others may have to say, and you don’t dare give an opinion where one has not been asked for.  Have you been on either end of this?  If so, what was your experience?  What did you learn from it?  What would you do different?  For me, the older I get, the more willing I am to have people speak into my life.  I may not always agree, but I will at least listen and consider their kind intentions.  What about you?


Sue’s next Teleseminar interview is with Branding Expert and Design Extraordinaire, Arlene Pedersen.  To join us for this discussion and learn more go HERE!


Join “The Holiday Schmooze a’Palooza”

The Schmooze a'PaloozaThe most successful people know themselves, how they act and react, and understand the actions and reactions of others !  And you can learn them too!

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Join the “Holiday Schmooze a‘Palooza” and enjoy a few interesting stories Sue’s collected over the decades of working with, and training in Personality Styles. You’ll learn the secret to finding success with and through people. Please write me with any and all questions that will help you understand people, any and all people!  (not including mental-health issues)

  • This Holiday would you like the secret to being around your relatives without letting them drive you crazy?

  • Did you know the first step to success is knowing yourself and others, how you would act and react.

  • Are you tired of being everything to everyone, and instead want to be YOU, discovering the REAL, AUTHENTIC YOU, then this palooza is for you.

  • Uncover YOUR strengths and skill-sets that will GIVE YOU THE CONFIDENCE to go for your dreams in 2013.

  • Learn to magnetically, naturally draw the right people to you in your business as clients.

  • Find the perfect collaborative partners with whom you enjoy working.

  • Receive the KEY to building the most AMAZING TEAM around you, one where you can accomplish more in this next year than you ever thought possible.

  • Or if you have a team, learn which ones are out of place, and how to reposition them for their success and yours, exponentially!  (Nothing can hold you back more than having the right people, but in the wrong seats.)

This is the same information Sue has personally used to develop teams in two different billion dollar companies to coach the executives and staff through conflict resolution, team building, and to find the right new hires for new positions.

You will learn an easy to detect system to determine which of the Four Basic Personality Styles a person displays. This information is like having a crystal ball that reveals their strengths and weaknesses or limitations.  It’s astonishing how accurate and fun this Personality Style System is, not to mention practical, and vitally useful to one’s business and life!

You will be gifted with a one year subscription to “Tips For Accidental Leaders” worth $97.

Struggling to Get Found Online? Get the Answers You Are Missing

My guest blogger and teleseminar guest for Sept. 7th will be sharing just how important internet marketing is for the future of your business.  She’s made a lot of people wealthy doing what she’ll be sharing with us, so you’re not going to want to miss any of what she has to share below, and during the teleseminar.  Sue

If you’ve been struggling to get your business found online then you don’t want to miss the presentation. (Click here for information on this teleseminar!)

Angela Moore, president of Six Degrees SEO shares the secrets to getting in front of your customers when they are searching for you. If you are tired of wasting money on marketing and advertising methods that don’t work anymore, find out what works now to draw your prospects to you and bring your business more business.

Gone are the days of the print directories and using expensive ads that you can’t track. When was the last time you used the yellow pages for anything other than a booster chair or doorstop? TV ads are so expensive, most small business owners can’t afford them and you have no guarantee that you will be seen by your prospects.  Radio ads are about the same, how do you know you are reaching your customers, how do you track your ROI? To top it all off, you pay for these ads for a short period of time and then they are gone.

Internet marketing has a much longer shelf life. Find out how you can take your current marketing budget and double or triple your efforts, track you ROI, and have longer staying power. The longer you wait to start your Internet marketing the more catch up you will have to do. Can you imagine where you would be now had you implemented an Internet Marketing strategy a few years ago. Don’t make the mistake in thinking that the time has passed. Only 26% of small businesses are really marketing on the Internet so you have a huge opportunity to claim your place on the Internet and get found. Remember the longer the delay the longer it will take to get found as you will end up with more and more competition. Join our presentation to see what you can do today to get started.  (Click here for information on the teleseminar, and to sign-up.)

Confessions of an Accidental Leader
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