Confessions of an Accidental Leader

“Massive Action for Client Attraction” Teleseminar Fri.

Get Clients Now Mastermind Coming in September!

Do you need Clients?  Leads that will become your ideal clients?  Would you like to experience the synergy, motivation, and energy of a powerful mastermind that will challenge you to do more than you can do on your own?  Then apply now for the “Massive Action for Client Attractionmastermind, beginning the third week of September.  This is a “Coach in a Box” program that Sue’s been testing, and working on for two years. With this program Sue will personally coach and work with you to create a tailor made system that fits you, your personality, giftings, and strengths, along with uncovering your personal motivators.  Wouldn’t you like to work with a coach who has coached executives of billion dollar projects, to overcome their weaknesses and blind-spots holding them back, who’s greatest gifting is intuitively knowing what is, and isn’t working in a business?  Who’s clients make major breakthroughs in their business, and in their life, therefore gaining a new confidence?  Just look at her recommendations.  Now, combine all of this, along with the right people in a MASTERMIND, and you’ve got “MASSIVE ACTION FOR CLIENT ATTRACTION.”  Wouldn’t it be more fun to ramp up your business doing marketing and sales together?  Bet you wouldn’t let yourself out of those appointments, phone calls, drop-bys, and follow-ups when you know others see what you are and aren’t doing!  Putting yourself in a little forced accountability can do wonders in helping you GAIN MORE LEADS, THAT TURN INTO MANY MORE CLIENTS!  What if? 

Now, we’ve all heard the phrase, “Don’t work harder, work smarter.”  And that’s a fantastic goal, but what if, for a short period of time, just 30 days (Phase 1 of 3) you did both: WORKED SMARTER, AND WORK HARDER to magnetically pull in clients before the end of 2013.  (Want to Apply NOW?) Then once you gain the big “MO…” (MOMENTUM) you can ride that baby right on through the Holidays, not missing a step when the New Year arrives!   So, let me ask you, what if, just what if you could get something going now, and keep it going, with a few strategic breaks through the holidays, so that you’ll be all REVVED UP AND RUNNING in JANUARY OF 2014How would that feel?  This, and so much more is exactly what “Massive Action for Client Attraction” will do for you.  You’ll “Be” more, “Do” more, and “Have” more than you’ve had before.  All right along with other serious minded, motivated, fun loving, team mates who like you, won’t settle for ordinary, and instead want to be extraordinary leaders in their industry!  So, join me this Friday at 12:00pm to hear more, and APPLY HERE.  Go to sign-up for the teleseminar.  Can’t come but want to hear the details?  Go ahead and sign-up below now.

DATE: Fri. September 6th

TIME12:00pm-1:00pm (MST) same now as (PST)


10 Ways to Ignite the Fire In Your Business and Fall Back in Love With What You Do

Take the TWENTY ONE DAY CHALLENGE to clear out the cobwebs from your mind and heart, while you gain fresh perspective, hope, and faith for your business!


  1. Refresh, or completely make a new “Vision Board” with all your “Why’s”,  those deep

    seated reasons why you do this business in the first place.  Also called your “burning desire.

  2. Start a daily journal and list three things you love about what you do each day.

  3. Also write in your journal your hopes for what your business will look like, feel like, what you will accomplish, and provide when you are successful.

  4. Set goals to ramp-up your marketing for 21 days.  Choose three marketing strategies off-line, and three online that you will implement during the challenge. (I’ll suggest strategies in other posts)

  5. For 21 days go on a “Negativity Fast” where you refuse to moan, groan, sigh, complain, or say anything negative about yourself, or your business. (More on this in a future post)

  6. For 21 days turn your car it into your “Mobile Encourager.”   Instead of listening to music, or other things in your car, listen to motivational CD’s, trainings, or MP’3s.

  7. Take one day a week, for the next 3 weeks, to tackle those projects you’ve been putting off, that weigh you down.  Set realistic goals.  Use a timer to get you started, and help you to finish them.

  8. If you can, hire a Professional Organizer (if not, ask a friend who you’ve invested in, that is detail oriented, to assist you!) Have them help you de-clutter, refresh, and renew your work space.  Make it an office you love spending time in.

  9. Go to five people who really know you, telling them your coach has given you an assignment to ask them to help you by sharing:

  • Three things you’re good at doing, and three character qualities you possess which will help you be a great business owner.

  • Be sure to write them down, so you can revisit them when you need encouragement.

10.  Lastly, as a Business Coach one of my favorite recommendations to assist owners in avoiding burn-out is to take one day during the month and schedule a “Retreat With Yourself.”  Get away somewhere special to contemplate, meditate, pray and listen!  (Suggestions for what you could do on this one day, will be another blog post)

So, which of these sound like suggestions you think would be good to take?  And, if you hope to do the challenge, please let me know!

How to Conduct a Check-up On Your Marketing Strategies for 2012

Recently, as a Business Coach, I’ve been conducting client strategy and new client discovery sessions to assess the effectiveness of their business marketing strategies.  We are then creating a relevant action plan that is applicable and exciting for 2012.  Of course, this is an on-going process that isn’t static, but living, therefore requiring continuous assessing, tweaking, learning, planning, and readjusting.  Here are some of the questions you should be working through as you determine how 2011 went for you.  Then take the time to determine how you want 2012 to unfold regarding your marketing plan.  Start here:

What was your customer acquisition goal for 2011?______

What percentage of customers did you retain?______

What percentage of customers did you lose?______

How many total customers do you have?______

How many of them were thrilled with your services? ______



How many new customers were acquired in 2012? ________

What percentage of new growth is this? ________

Where did they come from, what percentage came from which marketing strategy:

            Personal contact? ________

            Networking Event? ________

            Social Media?________

            Print? ________


            Because of a referral? ________

Where did the majority of these new orders come from?          

                        Within your city? ________

                        Another state? ________

What percentage of returning customers re-ordered?  ________

How often did you drop by, call, follow-up to receive

these returning orders?________

How many” touches” did it require for the order? ________

What form of touch worked best?  Percentage from:

            Personal contact? ________

            Social Media? ________

            Print? ________

            Ezine? ________

What percentage of customers come from your

target market? ________

What other industries land in your top 20% revenue?  ________

How many new customers make up your top 20%  ________

of your revenue?

How many returning customers make up your top 20%

of your revenue?   ________

 What other industries land in your top 20% revenue?  ________

 What strategies do you employ to follow-up with new and existing customers?

Do this kind of assessment, and I guarantee you’ll be astounded at what you discover.  With a few of my clients doing this process in January, they already not only discovered that 80% of their revenue in 2011 came from only 20% of their clientele, it was amazing to see that statistically they’re absolutely typical!  The value of this information is that now they know where 80% of their time should be spent moving forward. If you add to this mix, a few new strategies, continuous training, and a bit more evaluation, you’ll find yourself developing a system to stay ahead of the roller coaster so many find themselves on when marketing ineffectively.

Struggling to Get Found Online? Get the Answers You Are Missing

My guest blogger and teleseminar guest for Sept. 7th will be sharing just how important internet marketing is for the future of your business.  She’s made a lot of people wealthy doing what she’ll be sharing with us, so you’re not going to want to miss any of what she has to share below, and during the teleseminar.  Sue

If you’ve been struggling to get your business found online then you don’t want to miss the presentation. (Click here for information on this teleseminar!)

Angela Moore, president of Six Degrees SEO shares the secrets to getting in front of your customers when they are searching for you. If you are tired of wasting money on marketing and advertising methods that don’t work anymore, find out what works now to draw your prospects to you and bring your business more business.

Gone are the days of the print directories and using expensive ads that you can’t track. When was the last time you used the yellow pages for anything other than a booster chair or doorstop? TV ads are so expensive, most small business owners can’t afford them and you have no guarantee that you will be seen by your prospects.  Radio ads are about the same, how do you know you are reaching your customers, how do you track your ROI? To top it all off, you pay for these ads for a short period of time and then they are gone.

Internet marketing has a much longer shelf life. Find out how you can take your current marketing budget and double or triple your efforts, track you ROI, and have longer staying power. The longer you wait to start your Internet marketing the more catch up you will have to do. Can you imagine where you would be now had you implemented an Internet Marketing strategy a few years ago. Don’t make the mistake in thinking that the time has passed. Only 26% of small businesses are really marketing on the Internet so you have a huge opportunity to claim your place on the Internet and get found. Remember the longer the delay the longer it will take to get found as you will end up with more and more competition. Join our presentation to see what you can do today to get started.  (Click here for information on the teleseminar, and to sign-up.)

A Doodad, Or A Feeling? What Sells Your Product Or Service? pt.2

Would You Like to Have Clients/Prospects be Drawn to You With Magnetic, Oristock_000011293979xsmall Pull Marketing?

Yesterday we went over, in detail, the difference between trying to sell prospects on your product/service by telling them about your value and benefits as opposed to giving them lists of the features.  It takes a little more time to think and prepare what you say, but like any skill, the more you change your mind-set and give the benefits and values, the more clients/customers will be automatically drawn to you!

Features for a service such as Executive Coaching, the features I provide are:

  • Certified Executive Coach, and Certified Mastermind Executive Coach along with CPLP certification (interesting yet?  Of course not!)
  • 32 years experience including coaching the top 3 executives of a billion dollar public works engineering project for three years (maybe)
  • Coaching can be done virtually

Here’s the translation from the above into VALUES and BENEFITS:

  • Have the peace of mind and confidence that you’re dealing with an experienced professional who has dealt with every kind of situation imaginable. Sue will provide you with options to get you unstuck, and skills to assist you in reaching your full potential while helping you leap-frog to top levels of your industry.
  • Establish and reach your goals in a third to half the amount of time it would take you to do it on your own, because you have accountability to fulfill the  plans that you have develop and agree to.  You’re at the helm.
  • Envision sitting in your pj’s or your most comfortable attire, at your favorite spot, during the best time of day for you, while receiving encouragement, and assistance by your own personal trusted mentor, who genuinely cares about you and your success.  I’ll partner with you each step of the way, assisting you in reaching your personal mission and why you were put here in this life, at this time in history!  I’ll help you work on leaving YOUR individual MARK in this world!

People want to know, and will buy according to what products and services can do for them, NOT because of the features they have. It makes all the difference in marketing plan and its effectiveness as to whether you’re selling FEATURES as opposed to offering the VALUES and BENEFITS.
EXAMPLE:  Charles Revson (not a typo), then CEO of Revlon Company, was once asked to describe what his company sold.  Listen carefully to what he said, and then compare it to the above information.  He said, “In the factory we make cosmetics, but in the stores we sell hope.” He didn’t sell them on the products, but what the products will ultimately bring them, and who doesn’t want HOPE!

So, next time you’re asked what you do, don’t give them the features and attributes. Wow them with the benefits and value you bring to the table.  You don’t have to sell, just share the “right” information and watch them buy.  People don’t like to be sold, but they do like to buy! Let them see in their minds-eye how you can help them fulfill their hopes and dreams, and they’re yours, your customer/client.

Your Intentional Coaching Moment:

1.    Make a list of all the features of your products and services.
2.    Next, using the questions above, translate these features into benefits and values.
3.    Now go share this information with three people and ask for their feedback!

A Doodad, Or A Feeling? Knowing what Sells Your Product Or Service? pt.1

People Hate To Be Sold, But Love To Buy.  Word It Well, And You Will Draw Them To You With Magnetic, Oristock_000011293979xsmall Pull Marketing!

When introducing yourself or your products and services, are you talking about all the features,  the bright and shiny aspects?  Or, are you doing what is called “magnetic“, or “pullmarketing, which draws them to you by asking questions that provide the mental image of the values and benefits of your service or product?  Will you intrigue them by highlighting the advantages or take-aways they will receive?  Or, are you droning on about all the little doodads they, quite honestly, could care less about?

When you’re writing about your products and/or services on your website, in a brochure, or on your business cards, ask yourself these questions:

1.    What do they want to know?
2.    What benefit will this bring them?
3.    Why would they want to use this/me?
4.    How will my product/service make them feel?

And then by all means, make absolutely sure you are:

  • filling a gap
  • meeting a need
  • fulfilling their dream
  • making them feel good when they use the product or service!

Ah, now we’re talking!  This is what they really want to know.  What they don’t want is to hear you drone on about the features. What are features?  Features tell or describe the details of your product, and what you do: “b o r i n g“.  You’ve got to spice it up.

For instance, if you’re selling ceiling fans, the features would include:

  1. Five blades with light dimmers
  2. In three colors
  3. Four customizable lights which you can switch to whatever style you like
  4. Three speeds, in any color you like

Now, at some point they will need the feature information, but this isn’t what will compel them to buy. Giving them the VALUE, will compel them to buy.  For example, some of the fan’s values are:

  • Would you like to walk into your room and have it be five degrees cooler in the heat of summer, while keeping it warmer during the winter?
  • Imagine capturing the ambiance of your room, as you sit by your fire, dimming the lights while you enjoy a glass of wine, or a cup of hot chocolate?

More in pt. 2 to help you write about the benefit and value of your products and/or services.  All of this is to assist you in being seen as a forerunner in your industry.  I know, you didn’t become a leader or business owner to have to worry about marketing.  But unless you hire this aspect out, you’ll have to spend a good 50% of your time marketing and promoting, or you won’t have clients!  Write this information in strategic places well, and you’ll expedite the process, and be able to spend more time doing what you got into business to do in the first place!

Can You Take Correction, or Are You in Love, Infatuated With Your Own Ideas About Your Product You’re Marketing?

stick_figure_listening_to_music_400_clrAre You Skipping Marketing Steps, Thinking You’re Moving Forward When Actually You’re Shooting Yourself in the Foot?

I’m currently in a program that asks, “Where are you in your marketing cycle?” It shows the marketing funnel where you begin contact with a potential client/customer, moving them through the know, like, and trust factors, along with developing 7 to 10 contacts with them, until they, your prospect, finally make a purchase. Yet, before you can even begin to bring them into your funnel (with some kind of free offer to entice them) you have to know your target market! Once this is done, then you can draw them to you, sprinkling them with your valuable knowledge, heart, and a clear focus via a newsletter and/or blog. If you skip the step of understanding your target market, it will be like you’re taking a shot gun approach: You’re just pulling your marketing trigger and hoping someone you “hit” will then connect with you. NO, you need a magnet, something to pull them into your world, while utilizing the correct tools to connect and enrich your niche, your tribe, those that relate to you, so that they can receive from you. Once this is in place, you can then create products relevant to your target market, products that when these potential prospects read your promo, will allow them to feel your presence and special unique way of supporting and helping them. So, with this knowledge, I’m watching people in this product creation group be “stuck”. They’re stuck on the dream they had before they started the program, and can’t hear what the leaders are saying about changes they see are needed. Even though the two leaders provide the material and teleseminar to assist them, I still see some who are in love, no infatuated with their own ideas, and aren’t following the plan. So let me ask you, do you get stuck on your own ideas, your brilliant plans? Are people around you challenging you to re-think what or how you’re doing things? Listen and learn, and you’ll be able to tweak what and how you’re doing things, so they’ll work appropriately and be profitable for you. In fact, the people in this product creation group I’m in, who are receiving the correction and redirection, are the ones who will succeed, maybe even win the prize. The key is to listen to your target market, and those who have gone before you successfully. Check the validity of your ideas with a survey. Call your friends who are in your target market, and ask the right questions. Get the necessary information. Find out what your marketing tribe wants, needs, and will pay for, once you build the rapport. Then, never give up. I’ve had people on my list for years before they finally purchased something. It’s also about the right timing. Just make sure you’re the one who has your name in front of them when they are ready to buy, and you’ll get the business.

This is only a small aspect about your marketing funnel. There is so much more.  Stay tuned in the future and we’ll dive deeper!

Business Leaders, Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For Better Exposure!

Great, Short Tip For Better Optimization!

Just did this tip myself! LinkedIn is by far one of the foremost social media marketing sites for professionals.  Not only does every fortune 500 company have an executive participating, but the average income of users is $100,000.  It is “THE” social media business site to use!  More to come.

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Confessions of an Accidental Leader
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