Confessions of an Accidental Leader

The Titanic Effect pt. #1

Don’t Continue to Blindly Go Full Steam Ahead, or You Could SINK!

Business men assembling the pieces of a puzzleMake this one change and you’ll be able to keep your finger on the pulse of your business and be able to truly assess things appropriately. If you don’t, I can guarantee you’ll be the last to know there are problems that could have been averted if you had only known.

We’ve all done it at one time or another, used the fatal flaw of coming to conclusions prematurely, before we have ALL the facts. When we do this, come to conclusions with partial, incomplete, inaccurate information, we end up coming to misconstrued, wrong conclusions. And when we do this we end up creating our own disaster for ourselves, and those around us! However, we can change this if we will slow down and take the time to investigate by inquiring into all the FACTS of the matter, and then double checking to be sure they are accurate! One wrong piece of information or partial fact can engender misinterpretation, therefore wrong conclusions. How am I so well versed in this? Because I’ve been the worst offender!

You see, our actions are a direct result of our assumptions. If an assumption has been made without double checking to be sure we have all the facts and that these facts are correct, we could be making assumptions that are dead wrong. From these wrong assumptions comes a subtle corruption of our judgment. Now, to really understand the gravity of ill gained conclusions, just think of the Titanic. This is an amazing example. It was built with the most advanced technology of the day, taking what they thought was every precaution to avoid sinking. They used the most advance methods of their day, but because of the excessive opulence it gave them the illusion of being the safest ship to have ever been built. Or so they thought. These conclusions were effectively sold to people in 1912 in the guise of the ship being utterly UNSINKABLE! They unequivocally believed that the 70,000 ton vessel would NOT SINK. Harland and Wolff, the Irish shipbuilders insisted they never advertised that the Titanic was unsinkable, but that people misinterpreted their articles in their Shipbuilder magazine and the Irish News. They also attest that the myth was inflated after the accident. To learn more about how the assumptions were made that IT WAS UNSINKABLE go HERE

However it was done, affluent people came from far and wide to experience the trip of a lifetime, the maiden voyage. So, the actions that were taken as a result of the thinking it was UNSINKABLE are pretty wild to look at.


• Sailed with “reckless abandon” into dangerous waters that were infested with ice bergs.

• Only loaded 20 of the 64 lifeboats on the ship

• Never conducted a single lifeboat drill

• The crew didn’t even know how to lower the lifeboats safely into the ocean

• Were dulled by the lies they believed, so the crew felt the jolt, but no one was alarmed and instead life on the boat returned to normal within just a few minutes

• When another ship, the California just a few miles away, stopped in the treacherous waters, and began sending out warnings to the other ships, (the Titanic received 6 warnings) these warnings were completely ignored

The MAIN issue I encounter in businesses that are struggling is that they’re moving so fast that they don’t take the time to properly, appropriately check in with people to see how things are going, or check for the facts and then correctly evaluate the situation accordingly.  We then make judgments from faulty information or hear say. When this happens we then come to flagrant conclusions which are mistakenCome to conclusions in this manner, making fast assessments without all the facts, and I guarantee impending disaster is right around the corner.  So to be sure YOU are assessing things correctly you must:  

PART #2  in the next post!

What are your thoughts so far?  Have you experienced this yourself, or in an organization or business you’ve seen?  I’ve love you’re honest thoughts below!

Hang Up Those New Years Resolutions, Make S.M.A.R.T. GOALS INSTEAD

Grow Yourself and Your Business Using S.M.A.R.T. Goals and a Coach!Goals are Your Solution

Everyone began as a baby.  Everyone had teenage years where they were “RIGHT” about “EVERYTHING”, and they knew everything. Every great sportsman began learning their skills one small step at a time. To grow your leadership, management, yourself as an owner or overall person, begin by setting basic strategic goals. Get your foundation down, then set up greater goals, make a plan, and lastly find a way to hold yourself accountable. To get started,


By chunking down S.M.A.R.T. Goals.  This is an acronym with a powerful plan! Begin with S for Specific:

  • A. Specific – Who, What, Where, Which, When, Why

You don’t want to go for a general idea, such as lose weight. Instead be clear and make it precise, explicit! Instead of “read more”, you put “read one book in my industry a month,” beginning now. Instead of “learn to use video”, it could be something such as: “learn to shoot a 3 min. video and know how to upload it onto YouTube”. See the difference?

  • B. Measurable –

Figure out the amount of items and time. Measure progress according to the established criteria you determine in this step. Ask yourself:

i. How much? ii. How many? iii. How will I know when it is complete or accomplished?

  • C. Attainable –

Is it within my scope of skills, talent, knowledge, and financial ability. We’ve all had dreams. However, if you dream of being a famous musical performer but you’re tone deaf, that’s just not attainable. Ask yourself: Is this within my abilities and skill sets? Is it something I can really learn? Yes, stretch yourself, get out of your comfort zone, but not so far out it’s inconceivable and unattainable!

Read more

As an Executive or Business Owner, Are Your Employees Driving You Crazy, or is it That Someone is Out of Position?

business meeting - woman ceoLove ‘em or hate ‘em you can’t live without ‘em.  If you want to build your business to levels that will pay while you’re retired, you will have to maximize your time and hire employees to delegate work to.  However, if you don’t take the time to thoroughly follow a process to hire the “right” person for the appropriate job, everything will decline from there.

When you have an employee positioned incorrectly in a job, believe me you’ll know.  The tell-tale signs are:

  • Do they avoid doing the very thing they were hired for?

  • Is their performance less than adequate?

  • Are they unhappy?

  • Do they make those around them miserable and FRUSTRATED?

  • Do you constantly have to explain the fundamentals of their responsibilities?

  • Are you ready to pull out your hair?

Then you may have an employee who is misplaced and out of position in the workforce.  You’ll do yourself and them a favor if you’ll either find the right fit for them, a different role, or let them go!  (Personally I’ll go the extra mile to help make it work for them to stay!)  However, I hear it all the time, “Being let go was the best thing that ever happened to me.  I would have never left on my own, and I wouldn’t have found this work that I love, without being let go from the position I was in.

If this post sounds familiar with you, but you’re still not sure, give me a call. As a Business Coach and Executive Coach,  I can spot an out of position person in no time!  And, we can use the  “DISC Profile” to be absolutely sure.  With the profile, I can coach any employee to discover for themselves where the best fit for them will be.  You’ll be glad as a leader/manager you did!  It’s the first main responsibility of managing people.  Making sure their behavioral style fits the requirements of the role they’re in!

Does this sound like your story?  If so, please share it with us below!   We’d love to know. . .

Why Successful Executives and Business Owners Are Consistent Readers

Readers Are Leaders!

Opened magic book with magic lightFor me, as an Executive/Business Coach, the most important aspect of being an avid reader has to do with the most successful executives, or business owners.

According to Why Successful Executives Read” according to PSP Metrics, they have:

  • An increased awareness of the issues

  • Better preparedness to take strategic action

  • More relevant information regarding their industry

  • A broader understanding of the issues that may affect their employees, customers, and community

  • Become aware of those ideas that will expand their thinking and problem solving processes

  • A better understanding of ideas that will broaden their thinking and create greater confidence!

Because many CEO’s deal with governments as well as cultural issues, even though reading doesn’t take the place of first-hand experience, it is the next best thing to assist them in successful interactions!

Without reading some believe they:

  • Become less equipped to deal effectively with the issues

  • Less prepared to evaluate the information they receive

Therefore, they’re not as capable of: Understanding more complex issues

Reading the signs of impending shifts in thinking, and Reading just plain gives one a competitive advantage! You’ll be more equipped to deal effectively with the issues, and to evaluate crucial situations that could take you out. More important, without reading, you could miss the signs of impending shifts in thinking and the needed implementation. And, because you’ll be introduced to the “thought leaders” within your industry, and others, you’ll have an attuned, well-rounded global perspective. This then provides you with elevated “higher levels of thinking” to be able to assess situations with the relevant filters of diverse ideas and creative problem-solving.


So, if you..

  • want a promotion

  • need to re-create yourself to acquire a new job

  • want to prepare your business to sell

  • or just want to know how to work more effectively with your colleagues,

READ the right material and it will take you where you need to go.


To conclude, reading is so important, successful executives and business owners make the time to read in the middle of their hectic, helter skelter day, attesting to its place in making them who they are, SUCCESSFUL!

3 Amazing Reasons Aspiring Leaders Read Books!

stack of books isolated on white background

             Leaders Are Readers!

In this day and age of multiple electronic devices that entertain us, vying for our attention, why READ BOOKS?  Isn’t that a bit boring, cliché?  In fact, a recent Huffington Post Poll of 1,000 U.S. adults they discovered that 28 percent of people had not even read 1 book in the past year.  So, why do I practically require all of my clients add this competency to their learning suite while being coached?  Let me explain:  



  •  Expand your Vocabulary

  •  Boost your Creativity

  • Improve your Writing Skills

  •  Enhance your Memory

  • Develop greater levels of Analytical Thinking

  • Be in tune with the “thought leaders” of this day and age

  • Become known as a thought leader yourself



2.  Then, if you’d like to know THE most effective way to deal with STRESS, even over the standard remedies such as listening  to music, enjoying a cup of tea or coffee or even taking a walk.  And how many of us who are running organizations or businesses are stress free? Right, my point exactly.  So, instead, READ A BOOK for at least 15 min. See the facts here

3.  And, if you’d like the ability to “read another’s mind”, and who in leadership wouldn’t.  The research here (published in the journal Science)  says that reading literature will literally give you the ability to ‘read’ the thoughts and feelings of others, according to what NPR describes.  This then increases your higher levels of thinking and discerning, and who doesn’t need that when making important decisions day in and day out!

Therefore, reading can decrease your stress, increase your intuitiveness, and assist you in developing greater leadership competencies needed to run your business or organization.  I proclaim, let the reading begin!


Your Coaching Corner Today, What’s a Man or Woman to Read. . .

  1. Your industry periodicals

  2. Fast Company

  3. Inc. Magazine

  4. Harvard Business Review

  5. Best Books of 2013

  6. Best Business Books of 2013

  7. Did you know your public library has books you can download onto your phone or an mp3 player!  It’s awesome and free!

Share below what books are your favorite to read and why?  We’d all love to hear your picks!


The Value of Introverts,or the “High S” and “High C” Behavioral Styles

In a world that rewards the personality of extroverts, we overlook the extraordinary talents and abilities of gifted introverts.  Susan Cain is a perfect example of how to embrace one’s own introversion, even celebrating it!  This video reveals and underscores the value and benefit of those in our midst who are introverted.  Some how our culture values the dynamic, driven, outgoing, gregarious . . . see below

personalities, causing those who don’t comply to feel inferior, or “WRONG”.  As a coach and trainer of Behavioral Styles, I observe this rejection and abhorrence of one’s introverted nature during group activities.  Susan Cain is a breath of fresh air, exposing our prejudice and superior cultural stance on personalities with grace, eloquence and poise!  She  courageously delivers this phenomenal presentation on “TED Talks”, gently putting those of us who are extroverts in our place in a rather deft, skillful way .  In fact, she’s so contrite about it, you may not even realize you’ve been admonished.  We, as leaders in the business world, need to recognize the values we admire, and must be sure to include our gentler, eloquent counter parts, the introverts of this world.

Questions are the Answer

If you don’t know what to do, ASK A QUESTION.  Want to build rapport as a leader with a new client, ask them questions.  Deal better with conflict?  Ask away . . .

If you want to:

  • Progress beyond your own self inflicted limitationsstick_figure_sit_in_question_mark_400_clr

  • Become unstuck or make a change

  • Quit having to have all the answers yourself

  • Build a team and be collaborative

  • Discover what’s wrong, and what you need to change

  • Learn how to retain and motivate your staff

  • Resolve conflict

  • Be seen as one who is wise beyond your years

  • Determine the best use of your time

  • Make an impact on your generation

  • Develop into the kind of leader others willingly follow

  • Get over yourself, become humble, and at the same time put other people’s needs first!

THEN . . .

Do the one thing every great leader does, “ASK QUESTIONS” and keep asking until the right answers are found.  You see, when you’re open minded, and willing, and when you come from a stance of being inquisitive, you’ll discover the answer to just about anything for which you need an answer.  Of course, being genuinely interested in others helps the process.   You see, if you ask the right questions of the key people, you’ll discover pertinent data and uncover valuable information that will allow you to form better solutions.  This powerful process will allow you to build better rapport with key stakeholders, clients, or with the ones you love.  In fact, I find that if I will stay in a continual state of inquisitive curiosity (when facing any of the above bulleted items,) that I can then form pertinent questions that will naturally unlock their minds and uncover the appropriate clues.   Done right, those I’m speaking with will follow suit and be connecting the dots with each question, thus discovering on their own the solution.  And, it was there all along, the solution that is, it just took the right guidance to reveal it: “QUESTIONS”.  And I’m not talking leading questions where I already know the answer.  You see questions can profoundly re-framed the way we all think and see things, and I, the coach, don’t have to have all the answers because powerful questions are a tool anyone can learn to wield effectively.  As an example, here’s a group of questions that if I were to ask you to take the time to answer, could very well set your week in a profound, energized way.  Just give it a try and see:

  1. What one thing could you do on Monday, which if you did it completely, would set your week up for success?  In other words, you’d feel good about yourself, and get a good start to your week.

  2. What one thing could you delegate on Monday that would free you up, giving you more time for more important things?

  3. Take some time to discern the 5 things you do that bring the greatest return on your time investment.  Now be sure to do those things every day, before you do anything else.  If you did this consistently, do you think you’d feel you’re on the right track with your life and work?  Now, just be sure to do them!

conference_brainstorming_400_clrNow if you want to take it up a notch, become an “Undercover Boss” or better yet, have a trained coach/consultant conduct a “Needs Assessment” where they ask questions of the key stakeholders of your business to determine if there is any undercurrent of problems or complaints that need to be remedied, before they get out of control.   I can take a half to one full day to conduct one, and I guarantee that I when I’m done I will know what’s working, what’s not, and more importantly WHY and with WHOM.  From this, I can then make recommendations to resolve problems, introduce new, possibly different systems, or strategies for a more effective, enjoyable business environment.  And if you’ll consistently be asking your employees the right questions often, you should never be blind-sided by any move they make. How is that? It’s because through these questions you’ll be keeping your pulse on the heartbeat of your culture.  A bold statement I know, but I can prove it!  Want to know more, contact me today, and I’ll make it worth your while!  Just click here on the Sign-Up/Contact page and fill out the form and send it in now.

Copywriting SuccessTeleseminar With Debra Jason

“Pushing Your Prospects’ Buttons: A 5-Step Copywriting Success System!” with Debra Jason


Debra James of the Write DirectionOn this call you will discover how Debra empowers you to write your marketing message in a way that captivates and converts your prospects into loyal customers . . .see more below

DATE: Thur. November 21st 

TIME: 12:00-1:00 (MST) 2:00pm (EST)


On this call you will discover how Debra empowers you to write your marketing message in a way that captivates and converts your prospects into loyal customers– even if you have been struggling with how to transform your ideas into words in the past. This way you reach a broader audience, attract more clients, and generate more income so that you can live the lifestyle you’ve dreamed about, which is why you went into business for yourself to begin with – isn’t it?

SUE: Being a leader, or business owner, means knowing how to use the right words and methods to communicate your message to gain exposure. Copywriting is one skill you either must know, or have an expert copywriter such as Debra, to do the writing for you! Where use copy you wonder? Everywhere, your website, blog, when advertising, on Facebook, and especially in your newsletter. Join the call and listen to Debra as she provides complete, powerful, clear methods as to HOW to do it, along with easy to use verbal templates. All on this call!

“Massive Action for Client Attraction” Teleseminar Fri.

Get Clients Now Mastermind Coming in September!

Do you need Clients?  Leads that will become your ideal clients?  Would you like to experience the synergy, motivation, and energy of a powerful mastermind that will challenge you to do more than you can do on your own?  Then apply now for the “Massive Action for Client Attractionmastermind, beginning the third week of September.  This is a “Coach in a Box” program that Sue’s been testing, and working on for two years. With this program Sue will personally coach and work with you to create a tailor made system that fits you, your personality, giftings, and strengths, along with uncovering your personal motivators.  Wouldn’t you like to work with a coach who has coached executives of billion dollar projects, to overcome their weaknesses and blind-spots holding them back, who’s greatest gifting is intuitively knowing what is, and isn’t working in a business?  Who’s clients make major breakthroughs in their business, and in their life, therefore gaining a new confidence?  Just look at her recommendations.  Now, combine all of this, along with the right people in a MASTERMIND, and you’ve got “MASSIVE ACTION FOR CLIENT ATTRACTION.”  Wouldn’t it be more fun to ramp up your business doing marketing and sales together?  Bet you wouldn’t let yourself out of those appointments, phone calls, drop-bys, and follow-ups when you know others see what you are and aren’t doing!  Putting yourself in a little forced accountability can do wonders in helping you GAIN MORE LEADS, THAT TURN INTO MANY MORE CLIENTS!  What if? 

Now, we’ve all heard the phrase, “Don’t work harder, work smarter.”  And that’s a fantastic goal, but what if, for a short period of time, just 30 days (Phase 1 of 3) you did both: WORKED SMARTER, AND WORK HARDER to magnetically pull in clients before the end of 2013.  (Want to Apply NOW?) Then once you gain the big “MO…” (MOMENTUM) you can ride that baby right on through the Holidays, not missing a step when the New Year arrives!   So, let me ask you, what if, just what if you could get something going now, and keep it going, with a few strategic breaks through the holidays, so that you’ll be all REVVED UP AND RUNNING in JANUARY OF 2014How would that feel?  This, and so much more is exactly what “Massive Action for Client Attraction” will do for you.  You’ll “Be” more, “Do” more, and “Have” more than you’ve had before.  All right along with other serious minded, motivated, fun loving, team mates who like you, won’t settle for ordinary, and instead want to be extraordinary leaders in their industry!  So, join me this Friday at 12:00pm to hear more, and APPLY HERE.  Go to sign-up for the teleseminar.  Can’t come but want to hear the details?  Go ahead and sign-up below now.

DATE: Fri. September 6th

TIME12:00pm-1:00pm (MST) same now as (PST)


Four Steps to Keep You From Making a Bad Decision on a Challenging, Difficult Day!

In fact, John Maxwell says:

  • “The wrong decision at the wrong time = DISASTER

  • The wrong decision at the right time = MISTAKE

  • The right decision at the wrong time = UNACCEPTANCE

  • The right decision at the right time = SUCCESS”

Personally, I prefer the 4th, but REMEMBERING “NEVER MAKE A SIGNIFICANT DECISION ON A BAD DAY, has spared me many wrong turns in my business!   In fact, I’ve discovered a few important ways to safeguard my decision-making that I thought you could benefit from:

  1. Make sure your option fits into your “Mission in Life”, the explicit reason you exist.  If it doesn’t, use “Planned Abandonment” to move on and not look back.  If you don’t have a mission statement, see ____________, and stay tuned as I’ll be doing a teleseminar series in September on how to discover yours.

  2. Be certain your decision to _____________lines up with your life VALUES, and that it doesn’t violate them.  If it involves major change, remember you may go through the 5 stages of grief.  Like leaving your lifelong home, moving to a new city.  There’s always a letting go you endure to embrace the new things and seasons in your life.  Letting go may be a challenge, you may consider GETTING YOURSELF A COACH!  This way you can process appropriately, with support.

  3. Speaking of having a “COACH”, if you are a coach yourself, don’t try to make decisions on your  own when you’re in the middle of challenging situations.  That’s like a doctor trying to diagnose and heal themselves!

  4. The more serious, life altering the decision is, the more you ought to consider the counsel of your most trusted advisers.  You may want to ask a few simple questions to draw upon their wisdom in business, the kind of wisdom and answers you’d never discern on your own.  Such as;

  • Can you see me doing this?

  • Does it fit me?

  • What concerns would you have if I were to _________?


  • Does it seem to be the right timing for me to _________?

We’ve made decisions we later discovered people around us, closest to us, knew weren’t right for us.  On the other hand, we’ve also had dear, dear friends make life altering decisions we were sure didn’t fit them, and ended up being disastrous for them.   However, if you don’t ask for your trusted advisers, or friends opinions, they will more than likely, if they’re smart, NOT give it.  You have to want to hear what others may have to say, and you don’t dare give an opinion where one has not been asked for.  Have you been on either end of this?  If so, what was your experience?  What did you learn from it?  What would you do different?  For me, the older I get, the more willing I am to have people speak into my life.  I may not always agree, but I will at least listen and consider their kind intentions.  What about you?


Sue’s next Teleseminar interview is with Branding Expert and Design Extraordinaire, Arlene Pedersen.  To join us for this discussion and learn more go HERE!


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