Confessions of an Accidental Leader

As an Executive or Business Owner, Are Your Employees Driving You Crazy, or is it That Someone is Out of Position?

business meeting - woman ceoLove ‘em or hate ‘em you can’t live without ‘em.  If you want to build your business to levels that will pay while you’re retired, you will have to maximize your time and hire employees to delegate work to.  However, if you don’t take the time to thoroughly follow a process to hire the “right” person for the appropriate job, everything will decline from there.

When you have an employee positioned incorrectly in a job, believe me you’ll know.  The tell-tale signs are:

  • Do they avoid doing the very thing they were hired for?

  • Is their performance less than adequate?

  • Are they unhappy?

  • Do they make those around them miserable and FRUSTRATED?

  • Do you constantly have to explain the fundamentals of their responsibilities?

  • Are you ready to pull out your hair?

Then you may have an employee who is misplaced and out of position in the workforce.  You’ll do yourself and them a favor if you’ll either find the right fit for them, a different role, or let them go!  (Personally I’ll go the extra mile to help make it work for them to stay!)  However, I hear it all the time, “Being let go was the best thing that ever happened to me.  I would have never left on my own, and I wouldn’t have found this work that I love, without being let go from the position I was in.

If this post sounds familiar with you, but you’re still not sure, give me a call. As a Business Coach and Executive Coach,  I can spot an out of position person in no time!  And, we can use the  “DISC Profile” to be absolutely sure.  With the profile, I can coach any employee to discover for themselves where the best fit for them will be.  You’ll be glad as a leader/manager you did!  It’s the first main responsibility of managing people.  Making sure their behavioral style fits the requirements of the role they’re in!

Does this sound like your story?  If so, please share it with us below!   We’d love to know. . .

Be a Leader, by Understanding the Language of People – DISC!

business meeting - woman ceoYour Key to Success with People!

Understanding Behavioral Styles, DISC, gives you an edge to know what people want and need, the best environment most conducive for them, including how they’ll respond, and what they naturally avoid.  You’ll be clued in as to how to most effectively lead and manage, even how to market and sell to them.  You’ll know what their natural bent is, regarding the position that best fits them, so they don’t drive you and everyone else crazy being out of position!  Bottom line, know DISC, I mean really know it and you’ll have an immediate understanding of anyone’s strengths and weaknesses.  In fact, it’s so profound that it’s like a language, the language of people.  It’s as if you have a crystal ball guiding you as to how to best approach, respond, manage and well, work with just about anyone from your boss to a new employee.  You’ll be people SMART!  And that’s invaluable!


Discover the Secret to Identifying the Power of the Person with a “Passionate Persuader” Personality

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Do you “GET” people, or are they still driving you crazy?  Because business is all about people.  In fact, you’ll be more successful, not to mention you will make more money when you can wield the skill of spotting different styles of people. Because you’re going to need to work with, hang out with, live with, PEOPLE and all their interesting, fun, strange, peculiar, fruuuuustrating ways.  In fact, Stanford Research Center said that only 12.5% of your ability to sell is because of your product knowledge or other knowledge, but 87.5% is because of your ABILITY TO DEAL WITH PEOPLE.  So why not join me this week when I unlock and reveal how you can quickly spot a Passionate Persuader.  These are the ones you need to learn to, well I’ll tell you on Wednesday.  Learn what they need to be successful, what kills their fire, and who can’t stand to work with them, much less be with them and why.  Turned loose, they could be your greatest asset, and I’ll tell you why.  To sign-up for this free 30 TO 40 minute snap shot:



The Schmooze 'a Palooza


Join “The Holiday Schmooze a’Palooza”

The Schmooze a'PaloozaThe most successful people know themselves, how they act and react, and understand the actions and reactions of others !  And you can learn them too!

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Join the “Holiday Schmooze a‘Palooza” and enjoy a few interesting stories Sue’s collected over the decades of working with, and training in Personality Styles. You’ll learn the secret to finding success with and through people. Please write me with any and all questions that will help you understand people, any and all people!  (not including mental-health issues)

  • This Holiday would you like the secret to being around your relatives without letting them drive you crazy?

  • Did you know the first step to success is knowing yourself and others, how you would act and react.

  • Are you tired of being everything to everyone, and instead want to be YOU, discovering the REAL, AUTHENTIC YOU, then this palooza is for you.

  • Uncover YOUR strengths and skill-sets that will GIVE YOU THE CONFIDENCE to go for your dreams in 2013.

  • Learn to magnetically, naturally draw the right people to you in your business as clients.

  • Find the perfect collaborative partners with whom you enjoy working.

  • Receive the KEY to building the most AMAZING TEAM around you, one where you can accomplish more in this next year than you ever thought possible.

  • Or if you have a team, learn which ones are out of place, and how to reposition them for their success and yours, exponentially!  (Nothing can hold you back more than having the right people, but in the wrong seats.)

This is the same information Sue has personally used to develop teams in two different billion dollar companies to coach the executives and staff through conflict resolution, team building, and to find the right new hires for new positions.

You will learn an easy to detect system to determine which of the Four Basic Personality Styles a person displays. This information is like having a crystal ball that reveals their strengths and weaknesses or limitations.  It’s astonishing how accurate and fun this Personality Style System is, not to mention practical, and vitally useful to one’s business and life!

You will be gifted with a one year subscription to “Tips For Accidental Leaders” worth $97.

20 Things to Do to Keep From Being an Accidental Leader, Part I

Strategically Create the Life and Work Worthy of your Talents, Giftings, Education and Experience

  1. Take A Behavioral Style Profile to learn your strengths and weaknesses.  Contact me for more information.

  2. Take a Strengths Finder to compliment the Personality Profile

  3. Interview your parents, assuming you have a good relationship with them, and ask them what they saw in you as a child, i.e., the strengths they perceived in you that would translate into a career, or other direction for your life

  4. Ask 5 friends what they see you’re good at and one thing they see you might work on for greater success

  5. Deal with any and all childhood issues that could be showing up as blind-spots, limitations or weaknesses.  This is KEY to your progress.  Ask me for more information if this intrigues you, as I have a workshop that could get you started, and would gladly tell you about my experience with it

  6. Learn to use the 24 hr. Rule, to get over a crisis, disappointment, or a “win”, and keep yourself moving forward. (I’ve written on this in past posts, and will write on it again this week.)

  7. Begin aGratefulness Journal” and write every day of at least 5 things you are most grateful/thankful for.

  8. Take a class on “Time Management”, creating systems for every area of your life and work

  9. Create your own personal “Mission Statement” and choose 5 to 8 values by which to base, and use as a plumb-line,  all the major decisions you make life

  10. Once a year go on a week or month long “Negativity Fast” where you allow family and friends to fine you if you say anything negative about yourself, others, or circumstances.  You’ll be amazed at how cleansing this is!  Take it up a notch and add not listening to any negativity as well!

  11. Determine from now on to make decisions based on living out your values and Mission Statement.

  12. Find a mentor.  Look for 2 people you admire in different aspects of their life, and then ask them if they would consider mentoring you.

  13. Create some form of self imposed accountability for yourself.

  14. Learn to be a better communicator, especially in the area of listening.  Most leaders get into trouble more by not listening than by talking.

Stay tune for the rest of the list of 20things, and how to get some help accomplishing these in the next post!

Are You an “Accidental Leader” Because You’re Out of Position? Pt.II

You may be trying to operate your own business, but it just doesn’t seem to be working. You know something’s wrong, but you don’t know what.  What I’ve written in this post expands on the post in pt I of this series, and will help you discern if you’re out of position.  Meaning you’re in the wrong role for what naturally fits you.  (Now I’m all for temporarily doing this to gain great perspective, and acquire new skills.  However, stay in the wrong roll too long, and it’s called STRESS!)  Don’t lose hope though, I run into entrepreneurs all the time who struggle with this very issue, and yet gained the necessary assistance and are now highly successful. One way, is to create a culture of accountability, and then to plug into it.  There are ways you can make a position that doesn’t fit you, still work!  But first you have to recognize the cold hard facts, be brutally honest with yourself.  Then you can create an action plan that works, and fits you.  So, if you’re ready to discern your situation, let me ask you if any of the below scenarios and/or feelings sound like you?

  1. You have employees to supervise, but you loathe, no you despise confrontation and avoid it at all cost!

  2. You prefer instead, to allow things to work out on their own.

How’s that working for you?  Things won’t work out on their own-they usually escalate and get worse. 

  1. In fact, you know you’ve got someone out of position, when a company-wide policy is made for everyone, instead of correcting to the one person abusing the system.

  2. You’d rather fix things, and work around the facility, than deal with people, avoiding them until absolutely necessary.

  3. You don’t have a natural sense of what to do to motivate, lead, and redirect those in your charge.  Worse yet, you’ve never been given any formal training on how to be a successful leader – manager.   If this is the case, please HEAR ME.  This was not your fault!  Let me say that again, “You are not to blame for being in this position!”  However, that said, you have no excuse to not take the responsibility to obtain the tools and skills necessary to successfully influence and lead, even if you only have two employees!  In fact, every personality style can be an effective, successful leader, by using their personality style appropriately, along with maximizing their strengths, while delegating or eliminating their weaknesses!  In fact, what some would consider natural leaders, can be the very worst leaders, leading like a bull in a china shop!  I liken this to a strong willed horse that’s never been broken. They’ve never learned to bring their strengths “Under Control” to best utilize them.  Luckily, we live in a day and age where resources on this topic are in abundance!  GREAT materials, books, DVD’s, mp3’s, and podcasts on the subject are prolific, especially at our public library.  In fact, go to my LinkedIn profile and you can see my reading list filled with some of the best in leadership.

Stay tuned.  In part III of this leadership series, you’ll find how and when it’s time to move on, or step down from the frustration of trying to be something you have never enjoyed, and have never felt successful doing! You will also discover how to best adapt your style to be the best leader/manager you can be, and how and why a Business Development Coach or Executive Coach can be your best resource to assist you and your organization in establishing successful leaders and managers of every behavioral style.

Are You Ready to Hire Your First Office Manager pt. I

Save Yourself a Lot of Headaches, by Putting the Correct Foundations in Place!

When you hire your first office Manager, you can avoid a lot of problems by putting the correct foundations in place.  First off, the manager MUST be rightly positioned.  Making sure their behavioral style matches the needs of the position, and that the skills, knowledge, and training of the person fits their responsibilities.  A lot of headaches can be avoided right here!  Then, they must have a clearly written, and understood job description which includes:

  • Their specific responsibilities

  • Attitudes expected of them

  • Compensation the company will be providing

  • Holidays and/or days, and sick leave

  • When performance reviews will be given to them

Continuing education should be provided so that they are continually upgrading their leadership skills.  This should include how much the company is willing to invest in their training and/or materials.  You can’t manage poorly communicated expectations.  Every time I go into a company to consult, or provide executive coaching, and the manager is frustrated with the owners, it is invariably these items which were loosely agreed upon, and not put in writing. If this is the case, you will eventually experience conflict over what the Office Manager expected and was told, as opposed to what the owner remembers he/she said.  They need to be given the company handbook detailing the

  • Mission

  • Vision

  • Values

along with the job descriptions of the employees they will be managing.  They must have a crystal clear understanding of how to support, train, monitor and encourage their employees.  Problems can be averted by setting the correct foundations at the beginning.  Having a clear understanding of their responsibilities, will avoid any need to micro manage as well!

Done right, you will have more time to do the things you love doing, which is why you became a business owner in the first place!

End of pt. 1



stick figure on ladderThe secret to maintaining or building momentum in your business during a lull, is to create fresh, exposure!

I’ve learned to never underestimate the simple power of giving of yourself freely, weather by speaking, training, or working behind the scenes. As a business owner, I give of my time strategically, and sparingly. Although, when I first started out in business and needed exposure, or when I’m in a lull, as many experience during the holidays, I would drum up opportunities to present. One such event occurred on a Saturday where I gave a presentation to a small network marketing group on understanding and building one’s business utilizing “Behavioral Styles” DISC to market, sell, and build one’s business and team. Little did I know this would open up “the” and I mean “THE” opportunity of a lifetime. After this small 18 person training was over, a local business consultant approached me proclaiming he need my assistance on a project where there was considerable conflict among the executives. He brought me in to use DISC to resolve the conflict and build cohesion. I ended up not only providing conflict resolution with these executives, but team building, communication and listening strategies throughout the whole organization. It wasn’t until I was done, having worked with them for three years, that I discovered that this wasn’t just a billion dollar public works engineering project, but the largest engineering project to hit the Phoenix Metropolitan area for the next 50 years. And how did all this happen? It all came about because I said yes to a training where I was pretty sure no one would be able to hire me. This truly was one of the best experiences of my career. I gained invaluable experience, saw monumental results, and all the while built my brand and resume. The moral of this true story is; don’t despise small beginnings, in other words, you may be a part of a:

  • • Small networking group
  • • Training or speaking to a network marketing group
  • • Boy Scout event
  • • Or even donating time to a non-profit organization in need

It may just be the opportunity for you that, will create critical mass in your business and launch your career to a whole new level!

YOUR COACHING MOMENT: During this holiday season, where you may be experiencing a lull in business, ask yourself:

  1. How can I gain exposure?
  2. What do I need to do to “make things happen” where you touch lives with your expertise and at the same time gain exposure ?

Ask yourself how you can BE an OPPORTUNITY CREATOR:

  • • Where can I speak or train where they may know my target market,
  • • What group needs a leader, support person, or board member?
  • • Who could I collaborate with that compliments my skills and abilities?
  • • What non-profit needs assistance that allows me to shine while I serve?

Oh, and on another note, you can take it to a whole other level and bring others with you. Now you’ve got an opportunity to create a party!  Doing projects together, just plain rocks.  Ultimately, be sure to provide valuable, relevant information and/or superior service that’s notable enough for others to talk about.


Peak Performing Employees Have Great Managers

Who Take Responsibility For What Is, And What Is Not Working!

Once you have discerned what’s not working, what you do about it says what kind of leader/manager you are. If you have discovered your employee is not doing an adequate job of their position you could:Diverse ages business group meeting

  • First and foremost find out “WHY” they aren’t performing up to par. Unless you know the why, you can’t fit the right solution to the cause.
  • Be sure they understand their job description, what is, and isn’t expected of them. Obviously this means you have a well thought out, thorough “Job Description”.
  • Be sure there are standards of operation in place, which they are aware of, along with ways to monitor their progress, or lack thereof.
  • Institute specific employee motivators. See the book: Love Em or Leave Em” and “1,001 Ways to Reward Employees“.
  • Be sure their “Behavioral Style” fits their role. Contact us to provide you with a current DISC profile.  You can also profile the role with a “Roles Analysis” to be sure the person fits this element of the job description.
  • Provide or send them for more specific training to fill their current gaps in knowledge or training.
  • Or, provide an internal or external coach to assist them in creating an appropriate development plan.  This will also give extra accountability to the employee to make the needed changes.
  • Move them into a department that fits their skill sets, behavioral style, education and passion.
  • Allow them a certain period of time to upgrade their skills, take a college courses, or become certified.
  • Be sure there isn’t conflict with their manager. More people leave a company because of their direct manager than any other reason!

If  none of this works, their skills and or attitude don’t change, find someone who will. Move on, and remember this: “Some will, some won’t, so what, next!” There are certain things you can’t provide, and one of them is the motivation to change. If you’ve given them an atmosphere conducive to growth, believe that they can do better, support and encouragement to change, with motivators and de-motivators along with the proper training, you’ve done everything you can. Find someone who will appreciate the support and training you provide.

Remember, if you want peak performing employees? You can by following the system above.

How to Develop Your Leadership Destiny?


“If you build it, they will come.”  We all know that famous line from the movie, Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner, but what does that have to do with developing greater levels of skill sets?  I guarantee you, I can do that now that I’m over 50 you know,whatever you learn, add, develop, and acquire as a leadership skill set, you will one day be extremely glad you did.  For example, I became proficient, and the local resident expert on DISC, a way to understand one another’s and your own behavioral style 30 years ago.  I could, and still can, spot not only one’s primary style, but their secondary and probably third.  I can then use this knowledge to communicate better, motivate, coach, lead and develop this person to become a stellar employee or team member. It started out as a fun, enjoyable “knowledge set” I learned in my early 20’s to understand myself.   I’ve used that one skill for 30 years to do recruiting, retention, performance reviews, training, team building, and conflict resolution.  It’s taken me from working with a solo entrepreneur to a billion dollar project.  My husband has done the same.  He learned Spanish fluently while in High School, as well as while living in Guatemala and Mexico.  He is now, after doing a major job transition, using it on a daily basis in a great government job.  And because of it, he’s making 10 to 15 thousand dollars more a year all because he knows Spanish.  His intent was not to learn it to for work, he learned it because he enjoys language development and usage.

I’ve found, the more I learn, the greater I am in demand.  What’s better, is that the skills and knowledge I continue to acquire I genuinely enjoy.  What better way to work than to create and chart your destiny yourself.  Doors now open up around my skills sets, and because of them.  So where should you begin?  As  a new leader, the first skill I would recommend you learn would be “Communication Skills”  and all that tangles around it.  If you learn to communicate clearer, listen better, affirm people more effectively while they speak, the outcomes will be greater CONFIDENCE in yourself, TRUST from others, and you’ll be seen as one that “CARES” a rare commodity in the world of leadership and coaching.  All this will launch you into better, more profitable, challenging projects.  So I’ll say it again, Build it, and the opportunities will come.

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Confessions of an Accidental Leader
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