Confessions of an Accidental Leader


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Knowing that people are your greatest asset, Sue helps you to invest and bring out the best in each individual, by leveraging their behavioral style, skills, and abilities through customized, enjoyable training programs. These programs are designed to help you improve teamwork, reduce conflict, and increase your client retention and satisfaction. Programs are created to meet the specific needs you and your organization have.


Sue Porter is the founder and president of Dynamic Personal Development LLC, a consulting and executive coaching firm based in Tucson, Arizona.  She is first and foremost a personable coach who is passionate about providing the much needed support, training, coaching, motivation and care for the leader who is an entrepreneur, owner of a small business, or on the leadership team of an organization.  Sue specializes in creating strategies with executives and their staff to improve human performance, by leveraging the individual employee strengths for the success of their company.  She trains people to understand and use their unique personalities, skills, and experiences to function with optimal purpose and direction in all areas of their life.  She also “Assists executives in reclaiming the life they want to have from the one they’ve created.”

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IN PERSON SPEAKER SHEET FOR:  (“Decoding the New Generation Gap“)


Billion Dollar Project: “Sue was retained to work with the executive management team of a large public works design and construction project valued at $1.4 billion. Her primary mission was to develop open and trusting relationships among the executive management team to enhance communication and team work in a political charged, complex, and high pressure working environment. She not only provided insightful and practical techniques for working in a difficult environment, but also provided valuable individual attention which resulted in a better understanding of human interactions in professional and personal relationships. Sue’s knowledge of effective communication and complex relationships is key to motivating you to stretch yourself to reach greater potential. It is difficult to write a few words to describe the profound impact Sue had on the organization and the individuals involved. The best way I know to say it by highly recommending Sue as someone you should work with.” August 12, 2007 From:  Stephen Playford Director and part of the Executive Management Team

Westward Look Resort “We hired Sue shortly after we had some changes to our Executive Team. We needed to get the “players” on the same page, and be able to best identify ways to work with each other. Sue provided us the content and facilitation in an easy to understand manner. Sue is an inspirational trainer, who helped us understand the complexities in all of us. I would highly recommend Sue to anyone or any company. She was/is great!” September 10, 2007 From: Alan Klein General Manager

Roman Shades by Mara: “I recently attended a leadership conference in my Industry. One of the more inspiring speakers, who spoke on trends and the future, strongly suggested that if we take one idea home with us, he hoped it would be that we take one hour a week to plan for our future. I feel that my time with Sue has been that for me for the past year. I find that she helps me look at the big picture , while also improving my outlook, to solve the day to day challenges of owning a business” September 4, 2007 From: Mara Robinson of “Roman Shades by Mara” Regarding Sue’s New Generations Training and Workshops

Remedy Intelligent Staffing:  Thank you so much for the excellent presentation you gave for TMP regarding the 4 generations that are working together in today’s work environment.  I have owned my staffing company for over 21 years and my staff and I deal every day with the different age groups looking for work. Your seminar was very enlightening because it helped me to understand all the different attitudes that we are dealing with. And what’s most important is WHY they have this attitude. What influenced their formative years for each generation. I want my staff to attend one of your seminars because it will really help them realize why the different generation are all so different.  My son is 41 years old and I was so enlightened by what you said about his background and outside influences—it really gave me a better understanding of his personality. Sue,  You did such a great job and I look forward to your next seminar which my staff must attend. From:  Jayne Henninger of Remedy Intelligent Staffing

We are a large company in Tucson, Arizona with revenues of more than $6 Billion. Sue Porter helped us identify the root cause issues and then worked closely with the group to turn them in the right direction. This was not an easy task as the group had been dysfunctional for some time. Her insight and expertise guided us through a team building process that has proven to be helpful and effective. Sue is very passionate about achieving results and knowledgeable in making that happen. She was a great coach and an excellent person with which to work.  Linda Nichols, Large Mining Company 2012



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Confessions of an Accidental Leader
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